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  1. ok.....one more 4good night ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=0-WDSu8DhhI;list=RD0-WDSu8DhhI;t=25 Mobile Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-WDSu8DhhI&list=RD0-WDSu8DhhI#t=25
  2. hhahahahahahhaha///you crazy ppl :D
  3. miracles, miracles dear @TheSavage_ :D
  4. well i think those people are very very high on some who knows what stuff... crazy....poor them! i mean how weird one should be to write something like this.... let's have a silent moment for them! :D no, no..they must have been just high and that's it!
  5. all this is very very interesting, must say.... signature> Maria Magdalena :D
  6. hey @I ran away any progress on project? fingers crossed! <3
  7. wow...i feel bad now..i would probably take them all back home....cccccc....shame on me! bad, bad girl!
  8. honestly, all those fake pics...i don't even like it :p i'm sure it must be the way much better in real .....if you know what i mean ;) :p
  9. well i always knew there must be a reason why i like so much midnight song...hahahhaa...now i've got it...hahahahhaa
  10. wow i like it...first time to hear bibio 9/10 and this is what i'm listening this morning
  11. is there anyone who know how it is possible to get their promo materials? i just love it... especially these..how can i get it?!
  12. @AMDB9 is there a new thread...i'll support the project..and even more i just LOVE t-shirt design, colors, all...
  13. hahaha, i understand your feelings! :D
  14. aaaahaha/hahaha/hahhaa he googled it! hahaha Batman if i could notice,you have one more crazy companion in @alisbe hahahahha
  15. i like it and since i know how much time, enthusiasm, energy and dedication you have put in all this ..i am certain it will be perfect at the end with band playing your favorite song.. if i would (by any crazy chance) had this kind of fans i would piss in my pants out of happiness, honey! ;)
  16. oh yes.. sky FULL of stars you and hinnie wouldn't want to leave such a beauty it's nice, more than nice...
  17. if i could choose a cp concert to be at, during this tour, than for sure it would be this one
  18. not worried about their future either...or just like @alisbe said ;)
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