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  1. So you've got a power over Me.
  2. Oh sorry I didn't see your message earlier! I haven't been as active lately. But I have a green cheeked conure named Silvee and a yellow-sided conure named Cali 😊
  3. I've been riding my bike a lot, watching movies, doing homework, listening to music, and sleeping. I've just been doing pretty much everything I normally do. The only difference is that I stay home instead of going to school which I think is nice because it's easier to get all my work done right away. Plus I can do work with my birds on my shoulders. I think they really enjoy being with me all day instead of being locked up in a cage while I'm at school.
  4. Jonny is by far my favorite. I've described him millions of times in millions of different ways, but every compliment in the world wouldn't be enough for him. There's so much more to him than just a pair of pretty green eyes. I could never even begin to imagine a better person, no matter how hard I try. I'm in awe that a person like him even exists. It shouldn't be possible. He really is one of a kind. Jonny is too wonderful for this world. In a place with violence, suffering, and hardships, some how, some way, Jonny is here. He doesn't have a single negative quality about him, which is something I can't say about most other people. Jonny. Just the sound of his name fills me with joy. I use it as a compliment and a nickname, although everybody I call Jonny could never even begin to compare to him. I love his personality, and his talent, and his pretty face, and his voice, and his hat, and his eyes, and his guitars, and his wisdom, and his calmness, and his handsomeness, and his beard, and his style, and his stories, and his patience, and everything about him. The best thing I could say about Jonny is that he's Jonny. There really is no better compliment you can give. I just have a very deep love for him that I can't explain. Every time I see him I just immediately get happier and I don't know why. He's a very passionate person when it comes to playing the guitar. The lack of recognition he gets on stage doesn't seem to bother him. He'd probably just keep playing even if nobody listened to him. And it's true, most people don't specifically pay attention to him during every song. But the entire band would be ruined if they had any guitarist besides Jonny. He can turn anything into a beautiful work of art. Take AOAL for example. That song would be average at best if it weren't for his riffs. I don't like to describe people as perfect since that word's so overused, but that's what he is. Jonny Boy is perfect. And I love him more than anybody. Jonny Buckland is the best person in the entire world. And that's a fact.
  5. With the new Apparatjik stuff happening in five days, I don't think I can handle another Coldplay album this soon. It would be too much going on at once for me. Plus, they might be planning on touring too once the coronavirus outbreak is over. Guy seems like he'll be really busy if something big happens in his other band. They released a clip for new music and said that something is happening on March 20th, 2020. On their website, they used to have a message saying they were on an extended lunch break. But the message is gone now and it's been replaced with one that says, "Thanks for lunch." Apparatjik.com
  6. Woah, awesome profile picture! :dance:

    1. coldplaymakesmyday


      Thanks! It's my two favorite members of band from my favorite era!

  7. Holy Shiver, I'd love that so much! Jonny used to look so happy whenever he played Chinese Sleep Chant. His bandmates would always look at him and smile, like it was his special song. He's normally so shy and reserved, playing far away from the other guys. But that song helped him let loose. He played like there's no tomorrow and always looked like he was having the time of his life. He seemed like he wasn't worried what people thought about him at all. He was so into the music and had a ton of fun with his best friends. I'd love to see my favorite person in the world be as happy as Guy is when he plays EL songs. I've been getting into My Bloody Valentine lately, because all their songs sound like Chinese Sleep Chant. I'd really love to hear some songs like that written by my guitar hero. I need to see the most talented musician in the world do what he's best at. And that's playing songs he feels passionate about. Jonny's not one of those guitarists who started playing to impress people. He always plays in the corner alone, hidden in the shadows with his guitar. That is, unless he gets so into the music that he starts running around the stage shredding his heart out and pouring every ounce of talent he has into his playing. He doesn't play to get noticed, he plays to create art. Like Debs Wild once said, "He prefers to let his guitar do all the talking." And I guess that's why I love him so much. It would be nice to see Jonny come out of his shell again and relax with some shoegaze.
  8. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love new music as soon as possible. But next month seems a little too soon for me. I’m not sure if I’m ready to spend hours a day reading up on articles and trying to keep up with all the messages on the forum. It’s super difficult to try and not miss any interviews as well. The release of a new album can be incredibly stressful, and I’m not sure if I’m ready for it again so soon. When EL was released, I read every single message about it and Coldplay was all I could ever focus on. It was really starting to affect my sleep and concentration. Plus, I’m still broke from the last album release, and I’d hate it if I had to miss out on a bunch of new things for my collection. I’d be heartbroken if they performed by me but I couldn’t afford the tickets. New music is always great, but I don’t mind if they take things slow. Hopefully this time it won’t be as slow as EL’s release, but I have a feeling it’ll be released before I’m ready and I’ll miss out on a lot. :undecided:
  9. Truculent means easy to argue or fight. In COTW, Chris sings, "No, referee don't stop the fight." Janitrix
  10. I know the band is always trying to create original music and they don't like to do the same thing twice, but the thought of a new Moving to Mars is really exciting! Didn't the band have scrapped stuff from Mylo and AROBTTH, not just X&Y? I always imagined those scraped songs with a rockier, Moving to Mars sound. Although that could just be me getting my hopes up. I'd really love some more brilliant guitar riffs from Jonny that sound like he got them all the way from space.
  11. Some pills are antidepressants. Pills are a type of medicine. In Flags, Chris sings the words, "Aside from all the medicine and health." Melanochalcographer
  12. Açai means "fruit that cries water." Cry Cry Cry is the name of a Coldplay song. Defalcation
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