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  1. After seeing Jonny in that American Idol video, I feel confident he has an amazing part in the new song. I just know he has something up those green sleeves of his. Especially when he turned and looked at the camera like that and raised his eyebrow when he mentioned Higher Power. It could just be me wanting to hear more from him, but he actually seemed kind of excited in that video, like he has a secret he wants to share.
  2. Maybe if Jay starts wearing that shirt more often, I'll start calling it The Buckland Symbol and drawing it all over everything. Or the Buck Signal maybe? Legend has it, if you shine the Bucksignal during a clear night in Camden, Jonny will show up and play any song you ask him to. Sometimes he'll even sing Don't Panic if you're lucky. But he'll only do this if you scare off the sheep that follows him around, eating his hats and selling his guitars on eBay. Then, before he leaves, he'll tell you a cool fact about space as thanks. Jon will wave goodbye before getting a running start
  3. Does anybody have any idea what Jon's jacket says here? Maybe it could be the title of a new song or something. I think the last letter is a Kaotican H but it's a little hard to tell.
  4. Strawberry Swing vs Chinese Sleep Chant
  5. According to the Life in Technicolor book, Chris said that it was named The Blue Room because "The studio where we were recording had one of those rooms where you film things on a blue screen and then dub in Hawaii afterwards. We didn't even know what this was, CGI. So, we'd go in there and play cricket and football and what we thought was a tacky set turned out to be really expensive... That's why it's called The Blue Room."
  6. I'm looking for something I had saved in my bookmarks, but I can't find them anywhere. Were they removed when the site was upgraded?
  7. Oh sorry I didn't see your message earlier! I haven't been as active lately. But I have a green cheeked conure named Silvee and a yellow-sided conure named Cali 😊
  8. I've been riding my bike a lot, watching movies, doing homework, listening to music, and sleeping. I've just been doing pretty much everything I normally do. The only difference is that I stay home instead of going to school which I think is nice because it's easier to get all my work done right away. Plus I can do work with my birds on my shoulders. I think they really enjoy being with me all day instead of being locked up in a cage while I'm at school.
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