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  1. X&Y is a 1,000 times superior to AHFOD. How can you compare songs like Fix You, Swallowed in the Sea, and Till Kingdom Come to songs like Everglow, Hymn and Up&Up?
  2. If you mean me, I'm not interested in arguing. I don't mind debating but I deplore arguing. There's no blind hatred towards Birds or the band it's just my opinion. But of course it's a waste of my time discussing the matter further with someone's that's hostile.
  3. I like music that moves me and CP's music for the most part moves me. And I happen to like Chris and CP which is another reason why I keep listening to them. I think there's a misunderstanding on the forums where some people think if you critique CP's music in anyway then you're not a fan or that you if you don't agree with the general opinion then your opinion is not wanted.
  4. Acutually Yellow is better than Birds. I mean, you're saying "In this world so cruel. I think You're so cool." is more profound than "look at the stars, look how they shine for you and all that you do."?? Some of the lyrics in Birds is childish and someone on the forums even speculated Blue Ivy must have written the last line. There's something poetic about Yellow despite its somewhat simplistic lyrics. And at least Yellow makes sense and is cohesive. Birds is all over the place lyrically.
  5. I love Chris and CP I do but I just can't believe this is what they turned out. I'm hoping this isn't their final album because it would be a shame to see that such a beautiful beginning would end with a monstrosity like AHFOD.
  6. Listening to Flo Rida? LOL Oh Chris! I think he's having a mid life crisis and the band is just indulging him.
  7. Well there goes the theory from some of the new players that Hymn "speaks to them profoundly" lol
  8. Let's compare one of CP's older songs w/ one off of AHFOD...just to see how the lyrics are not nearly as profound as they once were. Here is the chorus from Green Eyes and Hymn for the weekend. after comparing these lyrics can one honestly say the new work is better? Green Eyes: The green eyes, you're the one that I wanted to find And anyone who tried to deny you, must be out of their mind Because I came here with a load And it feels so much lighter since I met you Honey you should know That I could never go on without you Green eyes, green eyes Hymn for the Weekend: So drink
  9. Does Will seem happy w this new album to you all?
  10. I think you'll find the only people who are putting people down have been the new players. Someone told B35 to shut the f up. And I've been told how I should word and voice my opinion. However, it's perfectly fine for the new players to voice their opinions. It's all getting a bit crazy.
  11. Why are they dancing in the street like that? They look like fools.
  12. What in the world type of music is that? Is Chris having some sort of mid life crisis? Lol (kidding)
  13. Definitely but surely I didn't belittle any ones opinion. I'm sorry if it came off that way. Sometimes it's hard to tell someone's tone online, I guess. :)
  14. Did I call AHFOD a pile of trash??? Lol I don't think it is I just don't think it's their best work. I certainly didn't forget that other opinions are just a valid, in fact I stated as such in my post. I think it's the ones that love AHFOD that really are upset and taking it personally.
  15. ^^^But see that's your point of view. And those that don't like the new CP album that's their point of view. I don't think you can say your point of view is right and others are wrong and vice versa. I feel like if someone critiques CP's work on here at all even if it's only slightly negative some fans get upset and take it personally, and declare that their opinion is wrong and they never liked the band to begin with. Must we all like everything CP puts out to be a fan? For me, I appreciate their older songs like Fix You, Swallowed in the Sea, The Scientist, Warning Sign, Proof becau
  16. You can be a fan of someone and not like everything they put out and yet still like them. For example do you like every movie your favorite actor has put out? Probably not. And if one can't admit it either one has low standards or they are either incredibly childish in their devotion. Not saying that's you, that's just in general.
  17. Guys, this song. I love it!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTbBdfX1moY Mobile Link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MTbBdfX1moY
  18. I had to laugh out loud at your comment. Us Coldplay fans sure are weird. We love them but when they suck we don't want them to top the charts! I admit I felt the same way. I was kind of hoping they wouldn't be number one with this album simply in vain hoping that they could see their new music wasn't that good and they'd go back and start sounding like they used to.
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