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  1. Yup, I heard it at Coachella, it was a nice touching song. I also saw Will Champion on the piano, which was also awesome... :D
  2. I really wish they would play Shiver in their newer shows. It's definitely one their best songs, period. Newer stuff is always good, but it would be nice to hear classics too (if you can call Shiver that).
  3. Actually, I think Thom Yorke sounds a lot like Matt Bellamy from Muse. Or maybe I'm the only one who thinks this... :)
  4. Didn't go to the Vegas show, but went to the Coachella show the next day. They actually mentioned the Vegas showing and Chris Martin's said "The Vegas crowd were horrible (and dead)... You guys are a million times better" and he also cracked a joke about how he saw "more silicone in the Vegas concert hall than they probably have in silicon valley". It was pretty damn funny... :lol:
  5. Just went to Coachella in Indio California where Coldplay headlined, and they had some new songs to play. Pretty amazing stuff... Esp. Fix you and What If (although I know ppl have heard this one already) :)
  6. In a word, amazing. In two, f*cking amazing. Coldplay headlined the event, and they didn't disappoint. I stood for 9 hours in the same area being squished by crazy fans waiting for coldplay. I saw some pretty cool acts pre-coldplay (Snow Patrol, Keane, Weezer, although I had to skip out on Bloc Party unfortunately). Then when Coldplay came on, things just went ridiculous. Opened with Square One, played some classics such as Yellow (I *think* that was the only Parachutes song, correct me if I'm wrong), as well as several ROBTTH songs and X&Y songs. NEW SONGS: not sure if they've actually p
  7. Definitely Shiver... Dont Panic's haunting riffs are pretty good too... :dozey: I kind of also like the opening riff from the Brothers and Sisters B-side as well. Oh and also... the riff from Everything's Not Lost after 53 seconds... :P
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