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  1. Actually, we have no clue if they will release an album before 2021. The Timeline can easily be arranged like this: 2019-2020: EL era 2021: MOTS era or even 2022: MOTS era... I hope I'm wrong tho.
  2. Things I Don’t Understand vs. How You See The World
  3. Its great to see proof that Charlie Brown and Car Kids are separate songs... :D Also this means LIALD has a MX version!!! Wow!
  4. Do you have a picture of said mention?
  5. Or maybe they just registered the song properly on ASCAP since it was used in the AHFOD film, or maybe we are geting an "old demos" compilation... but honestly I don't see them playing a song like that on a possible space-related album. I love that demo nonetheless!!!
  6. Rainy Day vs Cemeteries Of London
  7. The Scientist vs A Rush Of Blood To The Head
  8. Violet Hill vs Strawberry Swing
  9. Sleeping Sun vs i bloom blaum
  10. Animals vs Áll Your Friends
  11. 1.36 vs A Spell A Rebel Yell
  12. M.M.I.X. vs A Hopeful Transmission
  13. Princess of China vs X Marks The Spot
  14. Life is for Living vs Parachutes
  15. A Message vs Swallowed In The Sea
  16. All I Can Think About Is You vs Don't Let It Break Your Heart
  17. White Shadows vs Speed Of Sound
  18. Politik vs The One I Love (demo)
  19. Cemeteries of London vs All I Can Think About Is You
  20. That's from a collab between Chris and a rapper, cat remember the name at the moment :P
  21. Cemeteries Of London vs Prospekt's March PD: 100 pages! Woohoo!
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