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  1. yeah, its a bit stupid if they decide NOW that they will not put official stuff up on here, after all these years! but i dont care, if you want to delete it mods go ahead.
  2. Life In Technicolour Coldplay song "Life in Technicolour" Link removed it is an .flv file, so you will need VLC media player to run it: Link removed enjoy! dont know if anyone has posted this yet, but i think this was what was on youtube.
  3. that sounds like a midi file to me. as if someone had just created something in guitar pro. the acoustic guitar is so fake sounding to me.
  4. you need to tune your high e string to D. it will sound much better.
  5. i dont understand why people preorder albums. what difference does it make? just get off your bum when it comes out and buy it on the day, youre more likely to get it on time that way then through the mail when it might not even come on time!
  6. could anyone invite me? i have demonoid invites if anyone wants to trade. thanks!
  7. eeey schools alright. what are you doing with yourself now bon? still a macca's chick?
  8. i actually just started year 12. im a year younger than all y'all. yay for schoolies! im going to byron next year when i go. i didnt want to go to gold coast to avoid riots and being raped etc. so ya, me and the missus just booked a cabin ;)
  9. is there any chance you could upload the videos in DVD quality? of just talk and the hardest part?
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