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  1. Very, very cool. If these were actually made, I would immediately want to buy and wear them!! Stellar job
  2. Glad you got your shipping costs refunded. And I hope you still get your CD, and pin. About a week and a half after emailing them, I did receive my CD. It's now six days after that, and I got notification that my pin just shipped. Here's to hoping that you get everything you ordered, too!! I live in the Midwest region of the USA, and my CD shipped from Tennessee. If you aren't in the USA yours might be coming from another warehouse? I'm not sure.
  3. I only emailed once. I tried to be tactful but also made it clear that I was unhappy. Like an unhappy yet professional tone, if that makes sense. I did receive an email back about 36 hours later, explaining the situation and stating that they were refunding my shipping and making sure it'd be on the way during this week. I'm glad you got your email sent!! Hopefully you hear back quickly.
  4. Definitely email them. I am not sure if my nagging them helped....maybe did? It's worth a shot. I used the Contact Us link at the bottom of the order page. I did receive an email that my order shipped so you should also, whenever it does. Good luck! :)
  5. @I ran away I just want to say that I am so happy for you that you got to see the show!! What a memory for you :) Feel free to post a many details about the evening as you'd like, so I can live vicariously through you, haha! Also glad for those who got to get together with fellow fans in London, that'd be so neat. I hope I get to do that someday. I would have joined in the fun if I were on that side of the Atlantic. Really, all of you on here are all I have to converse with regarding Coldplay. On that note, with Thanksgiving coming up, I am so thankful for Coldplaying and my fellow Coldplayers on here! I appreciate all the time and effort so many of you take to post updates and new info regarding the band. :heart:
  6. I did that exact same thing for the same reason (except I don't live in the UK, but wishful thinking)!! Yet I haven't received mine...but apparently it's in the mail as of early this morning. I emailed Warner expressing my deep disappointment in not having it by release day. They got back to me on Sunday saying that they have been switching warehouses so all of their shipments were super behind. They refunded my shipping cost and told me it'd be in the mail this week. Now, it looks like it's on the way...but the badge that's supposed to come with it is delayed. Hmm. Have you checked your order status lately? If mine shipped, surely yours is on the way soon too. :confused:
  7. 100 % agree. I can't get over Trouble in Town, either. Such a fabulous song. It's very, very quickly climbing up my all-time favorites list, and I've loved these guys for nineteen years. I will never forget hearing it last night for the first time....much like my super vivid memory of hearing Yellow for the first time when I was seventeen. Love, love, love this song. :heart:
  8. I finally just got to watch Sunset Live in Jordan and Chris just said, "we'll see you somewhere in the world before too long." That little phrase just made me SO very happy :heart_eyes:
  9. I agree!! I am just dying to see them again. Especially after watching the Jordan shows. They've made it clear that they won't be touring this album but after reading this article fr my local news station, I fear it'll be quite a long while until a lot of us get to see them on tour again: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.kcci.com/amp/article/coldplay-to-put-touring-on-hold-for-environmental-reasons/29868589 Obviously it would be a bit anyway since a tour wasn't going to happen until after the next LP is released but UGH, I am just so anxious to see them live again!!
  10. Same. Mine still says "processing." I ordered directly from the Coldplay website because I was absolutely sure it's be to me by release day. I too am very unhappy, I've been looking forward to release day for so long now and still have to wait :mad: On the bright side, I can still listen to the songs on YouTube, and the performances from Jordan while I'm waiting!! :heart_eyes:
  11. This is my first time hearing Trouble in Town and. Oh. My. GOODNESS!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  12. Same. I was counting on getting it on Friday.....I don't see it getting to me on Friday if it hasn't even shipped yet. :(
  13. Already?! Are these people who pre-ordered from the Coldplay website like me? I haven't checked my mailbox in a few days.....maybe my students wouldn't mind if I'd disappear for a few minutes to go home and check my mailbox?! :D
  14. I am still curious about the B&W videos on YouTube. Why those ones?? I had a few theories but none are true. I hope we find out upon the album's release, they surely didn't just randomly do it for nothing right??
  15. I thought it was absolutely beautiful. All I could think was, gosh, I hope I (and everyone else here on Coldplaying) get to see it live someday. I am no vocal professional but I thought Chris sounded great on both songs :heart:
  16. That performance was so so fun!!!! I love how half the performance was in the audience. Gosh I love how creative they are. Brilliant. I can't stop smiling :grinning: Can't wait til the next song....especially if it's a new one!
  17. Oh my gosh!!!! This just might be it then! Thanks for looking that up, very very interesting. Here we are, putting all the puzzle pieces together (maybe, haha ;-)) So, if this is correct, which ones would be next? Anyone care to research the moon phase on the release dates on all the other songs? :D
  18. Thanks! :-) I do think it'd be really cool, would serve as a bit of a countdown.
  19. Concerning the videos that have been turned to black and white on YouTube, I have a few theories. Both of which may be wrong, but just some thoughts I had as I was waking up this morning. Theory 1: Maybe they are going to do a mash-up with these particular songs, for one of the songs on LP8? Like with Color Spectrum on AHFOD. Only, take the songs and mash them together in the "style" of whatever sound they have created for the new LP. Theory 2 (and I personally would find this more likely than my first theory): They are going to have more and more songs go black and white each week leading up to LP8's release--a few from each of the old albums, so as to make the new album "eclipse" the past songs slowly, truly showing that they are starting a new era. I could be totally wrong with either of my theories, but just thought I'd share :-) Either way, I love the 16 sec clip, the music is simply beautiful. As a fan since back in the Parachutes days, I do have my favorite moments and not-as-favorite moments of Coldplay, but I do appreciate how they are constantly evolving and am sooooooooo living for this new album!!! On a side note, I want to thank everyone on here for all their sleuth work, interesting personal theories, posting what they see on Twitter, Insta, etc. I have started working a lot more hours during the day, and in the evening my volunteer work and being Mom Taxi to my three kids (they are all in lots of activities) keeps me super busy so I apologize that I don't post much, but I love and appreciate everything that ALL of you do on here to keep everyone up-to-date on all the new news that rolls in!!! :heart: my fellow Coldplayers!!
  20. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe it's Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys
  21. Ask to borrow it (if your brother has it). It's totally worth your time! :) You'll love it!
  22. Oh, wow! That's so cool, thanks for sharing that info! I actually just got done reading his book a few weeks ago! I'm sure most of you on here have already read it (I'm late to the game, it came out like 7 years ago) but if you haven't, get a hold of it. It's a really fun, interesting read. Maybe I should choose to include that in the letter that I send to The Bakery.... :D
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