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  1. Has anyone noticed a lot of Coldplay's music videos on YouTube have changed into a strange B/W thumbnail? The Scientist, Paradise, Up&Up.. do you think it has something to do with the new album?
  2. Either way, he looks like the X&Y outfit. I just named him Chris 'cause that's what a friend of mine said his name should be, haha.
  3. I didn't mean that, but rereading the conversation makes it sound like it :joy::joy: I guess it's just 'cause we care about Chris a lot and we want him and the boys to be happy :blush:
  4. Hello thanks for following me! :innocent:

    1. Xx42RainyDaysxX


      Hi! You are welcome :blush:

  5. Actually I think it reminds me of Marina and The Diamonds. She felt really lost during her break before her last album and felt like quitting music because she already found a way to be happy. But she thought, "if I'm not doing music, then what will I do?". So she felt really lost, then started to travel more, read books and she finally found her artistry again. She needed to find herself and then continue her passion. I think the same is happening to Chris now. Maybe he needs time for himself.
  6. He doesn't always 'act around people'. At Glastonbury he was invited by Stormzy and Kylie to sing with them. But in Paris he 'acted around' some African singers. I agree with you that Chris seems to have no more any ideas of his own. His privat life is a mess and he seems to have lost his balance. As he was the driving force of Coldplay I think Coldplay as we know it has definitely come to an end. No Album Ne. 8! Guy has now a new profession, that of a car magazine director. Only Will and Jonny will eventually go on making music. I didn't mean "act" literally, I just meant that he's be
  7. Hi, this is a random thread, so here: THIS IS MY CAT AND HIS NAME IS CHRIS. He absolutely loves Coldplay, he's 4 months old so I welcome him to the Coldplay fandom :yum He sleeps through all the songs, and so you think he's asleep and he won't mind if you put on a different song of a different artist and then he either storms off the house or screams at you. He also likes the Coldplay pictures on my projects. And that's why he has the name Chris aswell! (By "likes" I mean he likes tapping on. the boys' faces on the pictures, while also purring often. And the reason he likes the music
  8. I don't think I can say Paradise isn't about a sad topic, but the rest you mentioned, yes. I don't think we'll ever see Oldplay ever again. I've seen some theories online about it being because of Gwyneth because "a lot of Oldplay songs are about her" but I always thought that was unlikely. And just like this other person said: Chris really is a mess even if he seemed happy in 2016 and 2017, now I feel like he has nothing more to talk about. I really hope he gets himself together because I don't like the new way he acts around people. Maybe it's just me but it really seems that something isnt
  9. Ah, yes, I remember. I sadly never watched the film because I was never able to (country reasons).
  10. Now everything is clearer. Did you get that info from the movie perhaps?
  11. There have been quite a lot of rumors that they will officially return with an album by the year 2021. We don't know how true/sure it is, but Phil has previously talked about it. It isn't confirmed 100% sadly. I think Coldplay already know how much their fans miss them, (even I think it's pretty crazy to go on hiatus, return for a gig and then go on another hiatus again. I mean, I get they need a break but isn't it a tad bit too much?) They could've atleast surprised us with a short few little snippets of the planned sound that they have been rumored to have been working on in London. But anyw
  12. The majority of the album's tracks are sadly underrated, and the band doesn't like the album either. I don't know why it's like that since X&Y is one of their best albums ever. I used to think it has something to do with the extra songs Chris didn't want to put in? Now that seems like a stretch, because it would've been a waste to leave those few tracks unreleased. If any of you that read this have any theories to why X&Y is disliked by Coldplay, feel free to reply.
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