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  1. I don't really like the song, but Jonny's guitar. Jonny.
  2. but we need The Race on it instead of Orphans
  3. The Vombatus has skin, and so do the members of Coldplay. House
  4. :husky::huskyhug::indianchief::lock::mad2::mickey::saw: what the heck
  5. Hello! I haven't been able to find any high quality versions of the AROBTTH cover art anywhere (highest I can find is 1,500x1,500, but the vinyl and posters obviously have a higher quality) so I'm wondering if anybody has any high quality scans from the vinyl art or promotional posters. -Thanks in advance!!
  6. Hello, everybody!! I am going to be recording a cover of I Ran Away, but I am not skilled enough to pull off the drum track. I would like to know if anybody is able to post their drum covers for I Ran Away here, I will choose the best one, and credit you as the drummer, and hopefully get this done by Sunday! -Thanks in advance!!! Edit: NEVER MIND I DONT KNOW HOW TO DELETE POSTS BUT IM DOING THEM ON MY OWN
  7. Swallowed within the power of the sea or ocean because I'm too weak to swim back up, also known as Swallowed in the Sea
  8. Btw Will does some backing during the French stuff Chris is also singing an octave lower than Will in the backing vocals in that same thing but he's turned down for the first time since maybe The Goldrush Or maybe Don't Panic in Parachutes..? Either way they're both covered by the French guy
  9. Just click the "Explicit Version" button on the bottom that's how I found it
  10. IMO X&Y was the best and they went dowhill in Viva Parachutes was so-so, I like Spies, Shiver, High Speed, and Don't Panic AROBTTH, better, I love the first 5 songs, but The Scientist was too slow, then the rest is listenable but nothing I'd purposefully listen to, I'd normally skip X&Y was amazing, only about 3 or 4 songs are meh Viva, I only find myself listening to 42, Violet Hill, Rainy Day, and without ANY doubt, Yes MX I don't listen to but I like Major Minus AHFOD I only listen to Up&Up and AOAL For this I've skipped Orphans about 200 times so I could listen to Arabes
  11. Well, I'm not sure if it's as good as Oldplay in terms of the full album, we'll see.. But Arabesque definitely was.
  12. it completely sucks nothings good about it jk i freaking love the heck out of this song
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