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  1. Check Will - the cheeky chappy :lol:
  2. awww :lol: there's just so much love in this forum! :lol:
  3. Gawd. talk about blast from the past. I loved those films! hehe! Can you see my banner by the way. i think i made it a bit bigger :smug:
  4. true! :cool: Are they making one?
  5. GPASUYF walking to work. Had a little spring in my step! :lol:
  6. I like green eyes. But warning sign is better! Love it! :D And I do love a snail trail! :wink3:
  7. except they play their instruments quite well :lol:
  8. mandy, i just noticed. Are you 108? very computer literate you are for someone of your generation :/ :lol:
  9. Ok, this might be over your head but some UK people will get it. :wink3: It just kind of jumped out at me so had to do it!
  10. i had my pod on on the way home from work. fell asleep and didnt realise it was my italian lesson that was playing. So could hear this guy's voice in my head and was thinking...'what the hell is that?!' Singing in the car for me. Was S1 this morning too :cool: :D
  11. ok a question, I want to add a banner to my sig. its quite small. but keeps coming up too large. What do I do?!
  12. some of guy :) (not very good, but I'll get some better ones ;) )
  13. I know, sorry about Guy! My computer went funny while I was doing it but it was too late and I had to go to bed! :lol: So I'll get some good guy ones. don't worry!
  14. AWW i could just EAT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
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