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  1. I'll die if they play Amsterdam :dazzled: I would also love to hear AROBTTH, Moving to Mars, Square One and Yes.
  2. ^ that's possible, CB has a great potential. It's too soon to tell if it's their best song, we haven't even heard the studio version yet, but it's definitely one of my favourites right now.
  3. camu93

    Major Minus Media?

    I saw that too! But I hope that's not the album title, it's horrible. I prefer Major Minus
  4. oh god :wideeyed: he's looking so freaking good
  5. camu93

    Major Minus

    this is my favourite so far. Jonny is such an incredible guitarist!
  6. This song is AMAZING, I'm totally in love with it. I cried the first time I heard it, it's so beautiful. Can't wait to hear the studio version!
  7. I do like the song but I understand the disappointed fans. It's different, they change, they probably wanted to do something different and we can't blame them, they do what they want to do. We can accept the change or just keep listening to the old songs. In my opinion, the song is pretty good. Yes, it's a pop song but it's a good one, we can't deny that!
  8. I'm dying. I won't be able to hear the song until noon (4 hours after the debut) so I'm really freaking out :dead:
  9. I don't mind the song has kind of an Arcade Fire's vibe, I LOVE Arcade Fire... anyway, the last video is pretty awesome, the lyrics are great!
  10. I'm pretty sure we'll have some big news next week, they'll probably release the single before Rock im Park, right? :uhoh:
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