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  1. Hey everyone, I wanted to post something last week to say Thalia did a fantastic job of representing and Will said after he'd really enjoyed the interview. I just wanted to let you know that I felt there was no point in asking questions directed to Chris when he wasn't going to be there. I also told Thalia that as the band has been interviewed many times since the questions were sent & the album's release, some of them had already been asked so it felt like a great opportunity to ask ones that hadn't been asked before. Yes, I vetted all the questions. I pointed out my favourite and ones
  2. Hi guys Thank you to all those respecting Chris' wishes, that's lovely to see! I have reported the link to Parlophone's legal department & thank you so much for not sharing it. If you spot any more, it'd be great if you could let me know. :-) x
  3. Hi guys, Just to let you know the streaming links have been uploaded illegally so if you could possibly hang on as we'd love you to hear the song in its entirety - only one more day to go! Your continued patience is much appreciated. x
  4. This actually made me laugh. Where do they get this stuff from? It's nonsense. Not happening... X
  5. I didn't see any other dates - still haven't. As I don't really comment on dates unless we've published them, there's not much point me looking to be honest... x
  6. Hello I hate to be a kill joy & as you know I don't talk about tour dates unless they've been confirmed on Coldplay.com but... I can tell you these dates are not Coldplay tour dates. Sorry about that & I'm afraid I can't comment further but thought you should know. X
  7. Hello!!!! I'm listening to radio so going to go now. I can't wait for my family & friends to text me through the Manchester show. First one I've ever missed :-( x
  8. These should be reasons we love them because - and I am sure you know this if you're a big fan - they are not music snobs which is great. Too many people turn their nose up at pop but they don't. Chris has admitted to loving everything from Katy Perry to the Wiggles! There's nothing wrong with pop music and I love that they're not stuck up about music. Manchester will be incredible.
  9. They will prove you wrong. What's wrong with doing a 30 minutes set and then a full gig? It's been done before. It's not that big a deal. They won't be worn out they have training sessions every day and are are all in peak condition. I think it's a bit harsh assuming the don't give a shit about their northern fans - couldn't be more wrong.
  10. p.s Maybe it would be better to hear from you AFTER tonight's gig rather than have a negative expectation before they even start. Just a thought cav75;5285803
  11. Couldn't agree more! They will give even more when they get to Manchester. They're fit and trained for this. Nobody complained at Prince playing for 2 and a half hours and then doing aftershows. In fact, he once did THREE gigs in a day and I went to two of them (the last 2) and they were as amazing as each other. Coldplay have the same amount of energy so will be incredible. Oh and they played Live 8 and then flew to Glasgow. That dude obviously doesn't know what he/she's on about!
  12. I'm not signing in to this thread again. It is a negative waste of my time and energy. If anyone wants me, they know where to find me. Sorry for adding to the littering of Tash's thread.
  13. I didn't ignore you, I invited you to email me. Once again will you please stop stating what you think is fact, you do not "know" I wouldn't want to read it, you "think" it. Own your own personal view. I wouldn't have asked you to email if I didn't want to read what you have to see. I would rather not waste time on reading post after post, it makes more sense to me to receive an email and reply one to one. I don't come here often so while you would rather reply here, if I don't log and see that you could possibly think I am ignoring you. An email would be seen and replied to.
  14. That's not strictly true. Chris revealed my identity on the radio early days. We try to maintain mystery but as it was out there it became a thread on here so I have not been mysterious to the majority on Coldplaying That's why I haven't got an Oracle account here. I didn't want to be a dick and hide behind a pseudonym anyway. That would have been cowardly & pathetic. I decided to speak up for myself and don't see what's wrong with that. If someone said something about you and you disagreed, what would you do? Why should I ignore it? I don't recall anyone to stop whining. Fans said w
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