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  1. Probably my favourite from the album! Has a classic Coldplay sentiment even though the production is more pop.
  2. I had a mini heart attack haha, Thought the album had leaked! Could someone dm me the link?
  3. The song has definitely grown on me. Wasn't sure about it at first but man, it's incredibly catchy! Plus Coldplay's first singles tend to be the one of the more mainstream/accessible songs on the album and don't really reflect the overall album. Those saying it's not artistically deep enough, as someone who's followed Coldplay from early on, songs like Clocks, The Scientist and Yellow are some of my favourite tracks but are based on repetitive riffs and lyrics that aren't exactly the most poetic around. Just because their older songs were more somber, doesn't mean that uplifting, jubilant
  4. Just heard them play an instrumental of Rainy Day on the itv coverage of the Chile v Australia game. Pleasantly surprised, relatively obscure song to use. Obviously known to us but not exactly a Viva la Vida, Clocks etc
  5. craigwdasc

    True Love

    Now to go and catch up on the 40 or so pages I've missed on the leaks thread haha
  6. craigwdasc

    True Love

    Thanks! I can't check it on my phone but at least I know there's a nice surprise waiting when I get home!
  7. craigwdasc

    True Love

    Is there actually a snippet going about or is this just wilds rumours?!
  8. Coldplay having a happy, pop song doesn't bother me at all. How many other bands or artists out there have a back catalogue that remotely comes close to Coldplay's wide spectrum of emotions, from quiet, meaningful songs like See You Soon or Oceans on one end of the scale to the unashamedly joyful and happy songs like Every Teardrop is a Waterfall and A Sky Full of Stars at the other?
  9. The annoying thing is I was going to enter for tickets as this is just down the road from me but wasn't really into any of the artists. If I'd have known Coldplay were headlining though, that would've been a different (ghost) story...
  10. Aaahhh, I was going to enter for tickets as this is just down the road from me but wasn't really into any of the artists. If only I'd have known Coldplay were headlining though!
  11. Can someone please pm me the link! The preview sounds epic! p.s. I've pre-ordered Atlas on iTunes so I'll definitely be buying a legal version. Just really want to hear it early!
  12. Well, after watching the video, it doesn't really feel like a Coldplay video but for what it's worth, I still enjoyed it!
  13. I still think that the melodies on MX are some of coldplay's strongest but I would agree that the lyrics aren't their best effort on certain songs. I imagine that the production is another significant factor to some people's disappointment. I would be curious to hear the album stripped down a bit, not necessarily acoustic, but rather the same melodies, say, over AROBTTH/X&Y style instumentation. Detractors of MX may have had a completely different view of the album. Either way, HLH, CB and MM are up there with some of my favourite Coldplay songs so I'm not complaining!
  14. Well, I'm glad they went with the narrative detailed in the song, I think any other type of video would have felt a bit disjointed with the lyrics but I agree it could have been delivered slightly better. Although I really don't get the "OMG kissing and raving in a coldplay video! :shocked2: They've sold out!" response. The song is about two young people falling in love, so, you know, young folk do actually kiss. And I always took the lyrics "downtown where the losts boys meet" to be a sort of underground rave/ gathering anyway. Can't blame them for following the source material :D
  15. I was more suggesting the Xylobands making an appearance at the Olympic opening ceremony in some form or another rather than Coldplay. With so many North American tour dates, it might be tough for them to perform but I wouldn't put it past them. Either way, I'm sure the guy's investment in the glowband company is safe, I can really see them taking off.
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