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  1. So how many people will actually go to London / the venue without having tickets? I'm considering it but having doubts..
  2. Ah Ah, your name sounded a little Dutch as well, so that's why I was wondering ;) Too bad we didn't have any luck :(
  3. Really? I'm thinking about it as well. The only hope is that Phil or someone sees us and lets us in, but what our the chances of that happening... :neutral:
  4. I keep having the option to buy wheelchair tickets. Anyone know someone in a wheelchair? ;)
  5. Ah good, I'm not the only one going crazy and thinking about flying to London, even though I don't have tickets. All my principles about not wanting to fly because of the environment suddenly seem less important. I kind of hate myself for that. But actually, now I'm reading all this, it makes me hesitate to do this. I agree that the fact that we know the band won't tour this album extensively just makes you want to bé there! And try everything to make it work. But at the same time, I think @rachpid has a point. They want this to be a UK only show, so why should we bend the rules? (Answer: we want it SO BADLY, I know). I'm trying the radio contests as well, but it's really frustrating. I tried to call when I heard Coldplay on the radio earlier, but the phonenumber doesn't even work. Supposedly because "too many people are calling at the same time", but now, an hour later, I still can't reach the studio. :(
  6. Haha, very strange...! I was actually trying for Brussels, but in case that doesn't work, I will go to Hannover! :D
  7. Yes, I can also see all the other German concerts and tickets! [ATTACH=full]6107[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6109[/ATTACH] ?!
  8. I know! 109 euro's for "stehplatz innenraum". Oh god, I have not bought fake tickets now, have I?
  9. I just bought tickets here! http://www.ticketmaster.de/event/coldplay-tickets/198629 And if this is not the right one, then I have just thrown away 120 euros...
  10. Is nobody buying for Hannover, or what? I've never got ticket so easily... I was actually trying to get tickets for Brussels, but since I'm already in queue there I thought I'd give this a try. Woops. :anxious:
  11. I'm gonna try to get a ticket friday, hopefully my internet at work will be fast enough :(
  12. Hey, where you standing next to a girl with a sign? (Me?) Haha, because this looks like the exact moment where Chris saw my sign and did the thumbs up. So happy :)
  13. Has anybody found a recording (audio) of this concert? I would love to have it! (Pity for me that the 23rd was recorded by 3FM in stead of the 24th with 'my' Amsterdam moment ;) )
  14. Nice! I was thinking about it too, I think I will pin it at my bag I take to work every day.
  15. When we put the volume of our car radio or computer up, and my boyfriend sets it at 40, I always change it to 42. Sounds familiair? :)
  16. Crappy quality picture, but THAT WAS MY AMSTERDAM SIGN!!! I couldn't believe that Chris wanted to have it, and that he thanked me for my "sign that was a sign" to play it..... I cried the whole song, what an amazing and special moment... [ATTACH=full]4894[/ATTACH]
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