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  1. I saw them at the Lowlands Festival in Holland. What an amazing show. We didn't expect so many 'old' songs. The audience was great, the band was great, Alex was in such a good mood, and "Miles fucking Kane" was so good!! (L)
  2. I saw them yesterday in Amsterdam. Every time I get blown away, what an amazing band, such enthousiasm, and great music!!! The audience was f*.... dull though, such a shame. "We Used To Wait" was a big hit on the dutch radio, so there were probably a lot of people who didn't know them very well. I wasn't surprised that it took the band 4 years to return to Holland, with such a boring audience. The band itself was great, no doubt about it! Win asked the audience on the seats to please stand up, so they would receive their energy, but most people just sat down. Afterwards the band already left the stage, but Win gave a setlist to somebody and after that he threw this into the audience... Yay!! :D:D The setlist was almost torn apart because 2 other people and me were holding it at the same time, but eventually the others let go. I'm so happy! :cool:
  3. The Coldplaystraat is very cool by the way, the streets surrounding that street are Pink Floydstraat, Policestraat, Deep Purplestraat, Rollingstonesstraat, Beatlesstraat, Queenstraat, Kinksstraat... Such an honor for Coldplay to be in the same order as these great bands! It would be cool if only Coldplayfans would live in Coldplaystreet :P
  4. When I'm walking somewhere and I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do there or what direction we have to go, I always sing: "Where do we go...? " And my boyfriend finishes with: "nobody knows..!" Makes me smile every time! :D
  5. Great pictures at the previous page! :) I can't wait to see them again too.. August 27th it is!! :cool:
  6. Hi! It's true that I didn't hear any songs before the concert, and I also didn't want to know anything about the setlist.. When there is a new tour I like to be surprised with the songs! :) The new songs sounded very good indeed, and now that I've watched some youtubevideos over and over, I can say that I really like them!:lol: Charlie Brown is great, but Major Minus is really good too, I like the guitar parts in that song, go Jonny! :cool: I hate it that we have to wait for the new album, I want it now! :P Ahh, your back problems sound horrible :( Are you still having troubles, or is the physiotherapy helping? I hope so! I don't really feel my neck anymore, I think it was caused by the stress of waiting and wanted to be in the front row so bad, oops! The festival was very bad organised, yes.. But I heard that the next 2 days of the festivals, the front area wasn't cleared anymore after every concert. So apparently we Coldplayfans made a statement haha! Bye! :)

  7. Thanks everyone :) @ Ireentje: yes, i remember a girl reading a book, I was thinking: that's a clever way to pass the time! :lol:
  8. Hey Anna! Thanks for your message :) I'm feeling better now, although I still hate it that I had to leave the frontrow :( :( But I really almost fainted, so I had to go. I watched the whole concert from a very big distance, where people were talking all the time, that was very annoying. But I'm watching videos of the concert online now, and I'm starting to realize I have to be happy that I at least watched the whole concert. The new songs sound amazing! :D When they come back to Holland for a concert I hope I will make it to the front row again and make up for this:) I read your review, so cool that Chris saw your banner! :) :) I haven't got any plans for more Coldplay concerts for now, but I don't want to miss any concert in Holland, so when they announce a tourdate I will definately be there! :) I haven't missed a concert in Holland since Arnhem 2005 ;) Where are you from, by the way? I hope to mee you some time again, hopefully in the front row! :) Bye x, Baukje

  9. Thanks Mathieu! :) It's a shame we didn't meet, maybe next time!
  10. What a day.. I took a 5 hour bus drive which turned into a 8 (!!) hour bus drive, because the driver was lost. Then waited from 5 pm untill 8 pm in front of the gates to be the first to run into the frontrow, so I had the best spot EVER. But I hurt a muscle in my neck which started to give me so much pain I almost had to throw up, I also couldn't stand on my feet, nearly fainted.. Probably had to do something with the stress of wainting all day and running to the front row. So I had to leave the frontrow to go see a first aid post!!!! :( I watched the concert from a f*cking big distance, where all the people were talking and not paying attention. Sometimes I couldn't even hear what Chris said because of these people. I was so disappointed, I cried my eyes out during half of the concert. :( And now while I'm watching some videos. I want to say thanks to Carla, you were so nice to me, really! We didn't even officially meet by then! ;) And I can't wait for a tour to start so I can make this up, real good.
  11. Hee Roos! Tof van de litho! :)

  12. Really like the new album, can't wait to go see them this summer! :)
  13. I also went to the concert in Dusseldorf, since they are not playing in Holland.. and it was amazing!!!!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures here, great to relive those moments again! :)
  14. Bauk


    Congratulations is g-r-e-a-t!!!!! At first I wasn't sure if I would like it as much as Oracular, but really..when you've listened it a few times it just keeps growing and growing and gets better every time you hear it. I Found A Whistle and Siberian Breaks (L) Although the album actually is a concept album..when you listen no.1, you want to listen the whole album. And when it's finished, start again :)
  15. I was waiting all day, and managed to get through, but then I filled in everything and suddenly it was too late. :(
  16. Still no tour dates for Holland.... So i'm going to the Düsseldorf show, November 29th!! Can't wait!!!!!!! :cool:
  17. When you freak out when your dad tells you he heard something on the radio about a secret Coldplay gig in your country in 2 days and he doesn't know the specific details about it.. so you search the Internet and listen to that radiostation untill you realize it can't be true. Which is a disappointment, but at the same time a relief because you didn't know about it in the first place, and missing it would have been more horrible!
  18. I really really like this new album. I've got it on vinyl as well as on cd, and also got a promo vinyl single with it! :) I listen to it all the time, can't listen to any other music at the moment :P
  19. I just finished the book, it was interesting to read. Parts about Coldplay made me smile. Like Guy saying about Fix You "So 'tears stream down your face and aaaaah'. What's that about then?"
  20. Bauk

    Coldplay Dreams

    Lately I've had a few Coldplay dreams, always fun to have great conversations with Chris, or have Chris eating spaghetti at your dinner table and then giving you a copy of the Safety EP, so you wake up with a big smile...only to realise it was just a dream, what a disappointment :rolleyes: Especially with the Safety EP dream I woke up, jumped out of bed and...oh no, it was a dream!:cry:
  21. Ooooooh oooooooooooooh! (etc) :heart:
  22. Hey Roos!! Waaah hoe was het?? Ben benieuwd!!:cool: liefs!

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