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  1. Hi everyone, I have been to the Bakery a few years ago, but I'm going to visit London again in a few weeks, so I definitely will visit it again. But what's the deal with the Beehive? It was right across the street from the Bakery or something, right? And do they still go there, or just the Bakery?
  2. I loved the screening of Live 2012. Goosebumps all the way, couldn't sit still in my chair (while the rest of the audience seemed to have no problem with that)?!
  3. I had to work myself, but my boyfriend managed to buy me one, yay! :) :)
  4. Does anyone have a problem with the vinyl? There is a strange sound on my vinyl, like there is very loud wind blowing outside. I tested it on two different players, and it definitely is in the vinyl. I complained to the customer service and received a totally new box, but I have the same problem. So I wonder if anybody else heard it?
  5. That would be amazing... But way to expensive ofcourse :(
  6. Aah, I can't wait! Don't care about the weather, I want front row! :D
  7. Hi! Unfortunately I had to sell my ticket, because I have to finish my master thesis on Thursday and Friday. This is the only way I can graduate this year. But luckily I will be attending the Rotterdam concert :) But I won't be going to Cologne. Have fun though ;)

  8. GREAT!! :cool: I already got a ticket, but now i've got extra tickets, for my sister and a friend of hers. Yay! Can't wait!!!!!
  9. Anybody looking for 1 standing ticket for this gig? :( I'm afraid I can't make it to the concert, since I need that week to finish my master thesis. It's my only chance to finish my master degree in 2011, so I have to cancel the concert. Maybe anybody here needs an extra ticket? I will sell it for the normal price. PM if interested!
  10. Yeah I know. It's more about the journey back and after the concert that they worry about. I'm 22 years old, I live in the north of Holland (province Friesland). I've been to Cologne before and experienced it as a safe and nice city, so I think it will be allright. But still ;)
  11. I want to go so badly, and have got a ticket for myself! I'm from Holland however, and my parents think it's not safe for me to go alone to the concert, because I am in a strange city in a foreign country all by myself. I myself think it will be fine, I will travel by S-bahn to my hostel, and leave the next morning again. Are any of you going by yourself to the concert? Maybe it would help if I could meet some people from here to convince them that it will be fine! :)
  12. Ik heb ook geen telefoon waarmee dat kan :p Maar springen zullen we zeker! :wink3:
  13. I've entered the competition by 3FM for tickets for this gig.. I want to go so badly!!! *fingers crossed*
  14. "Give me love and give me pain..Give me Rotterdam in the rainnnn!!!" Can't wait!!!!! :) :) :)
  15. Hi Anna, Sorry I didn't respond earlier! Ahw, sorry to hear that you won't be going to the concert. It would have been nice to meet again :) But I understand, I'm doing an internship myself right now, and I'm so tired all the time ;) It's fun though. Hopefully the new album will still bring some songs that you will like! Take care, Baukje

  16. *nervous* Just bought tickets for Cologne in case my boss decides I can't have a day off work. Which would be obvious, since it's the busiest day of the year, one saturyday before Christmas. Everybody will want to buy gifts (I work in a bookshop) I HAVE to be here!
  17. Hey Anna! Are you going to the concert in Cologne? I just bought a ticket for myself, I will be going on myself. So maybe we can meet again? :) Yaaay, so excited! Bye, Baukje

  18. Yaaay, I'm gonna be there too!! Hopefully I can meet some of you, because I will me going alone!
  19. Yay!! :) Great news! Although the timing's not perfect.. I work in a bookshop and this Saturday is THE busiest day of the year, one week before Christmas. So I hope my boss will let me go :( Hopefully another Rotterdam gig the day before, when this first date sells fast!
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