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  1. I still haven't seen anything online either... strange! I would expect that people that know they can come, will mention this online?
  2. I also entered, keep checking my email all day long (I only just now saw that the competition closed at 6 pm). Has anybody heard anything yet? *keeps refreshing email*
  3. Exactly! Personally, I think if you are filming all concert long, you should stay home and put on a DVD. Just enjoy the show, in the moment! But that's my opinion.
  4. Okay thanks! Where did you pay afterwards? Just at the parking place itself?
  5. Hello everyone, I'm from Holland and will visit this concert alone. Does anybody know how early you have to get in line to get a front row spot? Thanks!
  6. I'm also wondering if I should buy a ticket in advance, but am doubting because of the arrival times they are communicating.. I want to be there earlier than the parking times mentioned on the website.
  7. That's the most ideal parking space indeed, directly underneath the arena. But you can no longer buy those tickets up front now. However, there are lost of parking spaces around the Arena where you can park (P2, P3, etc). I think you should enter "Amsterdam ArenaBoulevard" in your GPS, and then when you're close just follow the P-signs. Good luck!
  8. What time will you be at the stadium thursday? And does anybody know if the stage is as high as with the MX tour? In frontrow I couldn't even see Will because the stage was too high :(
  9. Does anybody who visited the European shows know if the stage is as high again? Last time I couldn't even see Will from front-row because the stage was too high...
  10. Hello, I have a standing ticket for the 24rd in Amsterdam, that I would like to swap for a standing ticket the 23rd. Please PM me if you're interested.
  11. Edit: I've already sold my spare tickets to a friend.
  12. Pfff, I was still hoping for standing tickets for 1st night, but now have got standing tickets for the 2nd. So happy! What a horrible system :(
  13. I agree. What happened to sleeping on front of the postoffice :(
  14. I asked Ticketmaster via Twitter if there is a difference between "Ingang J" and "Ingang J Veld staan" and they replied there isn't. "There is only one type of standing tickets". @Politikbauk Daar zit geen verschil tussen Ingang J is ook de ingang voor mensen met zitplaatsen. Ticketmaster ‏@Ticketmaster_NL 1h1 hour ago @Politikbauk Er is maar één soort staanplaats. Er zijn geen verschillende soorten vakken. Er is maar één staan vak.
  15. I'm also wondering if there will be these stupid FOS tickets.. It doesnt show on the seatingplan mentioned above here..?
  16. :laugh3: Groningen, The Netherlands Politik
  17. That's the spirit Gerben, stay positive! No need for selfloathing. We all understand. And as long as we don't get our money back, there is still hope ;) Good thiiiiings are coming our way!
  18. Come on people, I would have thought more tickets would have been sold by now. My friends and family think this is too good to be true and hestitate, I think this will be the case for more people. But I just think positive and hope we can make this happen! I only hope that when this really is going to happen, the concert will not take place when I'm on my honeymoon at the other end of the world... ;)
  19. Oh my....... This seems too good to be true, right? Still, I'm happy to take a chance for this amount of money. And now spreading the word! :D
  20. Nice project! Good luck and I'm looking forward to the result :)
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