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  1. Where is everyone listening to the whole song? Ive searched everywhere on the net! Someone help please!!
  2. What a great awesome surprise for the day, we finnaly hear it finished!
  3. Does anyone have the link for the Electric Eye download? Also in my email was only a zip with 3 songs, I thought they were releasing the entire album for download?
  4. Oh what an amazing night, nobody claimed the Make Trade Fair shirt tonight so at the end I got it! Thank you so much Oxfam that was amazing! We ended up getting Pit seats which was great, I made my way through the crowd with my backpack on, oh what a miracle, everyone hated me! Luckily I knew as soon as the lights would come on for the B stage I could dash sideways through the crowd and that's what I did, I made my way to the front row where my friends were waiting! Even though this was my second time around with Oxfam, getting signatures tonight was tough, probably because of the smaller a
  5. happy birthday, have a wonderful day :)

  6. Yeahh this is the same guy who said Clocks would never be a hit :rolleyes:
  7. Theres something about the end of Death and all his Friends that has me repeating it over and over! Amazing!
  8. Can anyone figure out what Chris is saying during the new part added in Clocks on the VLV tour? If you listen to the LRLRL version you can hear it like 3:00 minutes in. Its really hard to tell, I wonder if anyone figured it out at the shows??
  9. What is Chris saying in the weird part of Clocks like 3 minutes in. I know this section was only added for this tour, Im just really curious to know what he added. Can anyone figure it out???
  10. So no hidden song? I haven't found one yet...This is just a tease for a Live DVD =(
  11. Its really sick and cruel if its not on there. I mean why would they name the album that if its not on there?!
  12. I love how you can hear Fix you playing in the background while there playing ping pong
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