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  1. I guess you kind of implied since you said shitty 90's band, but then what's tye bad things about OKC? (other than the hype)
  2. *Looks at chest* No I'm not! I'm not hairy at all!
  3. Massive quote time!! Yes some HTTT tracks are excellent but picked as individual songs, I think Hail to the Thief is their second worst album because there's no cohesion between the songs, the songs shine for themselves, the songs are dark and are an excellent mix of everything radiohead's done before, but the transition between each of the songs it's so unnatural and forced that makes me think they just gathered some random songs and put it there. Even Pablo has better cohesion, but it's just that some songs on HTTT are so awesome that Pablo has nothing to do here. What are you talking about? Despite it's just a rock song, with typical rock instruments and up to certain point structure, it is not typical rock music. It's not usual to hear solos like the ones in Paranoid Android and all the changes of tempo. The layers, the theme, the atmospheres, everything fits perfectly, with the exception of electioneering, which is a good head-banging song but doesn't fit on the albium and I can't defend it honestly and objectively. But other than that some of the songs there are some of the most brilliant they've done, i.e. Let Down, Paranoid Android, Climbing up the Walls and Exit Music. This is meaningful and deep music that labelizing as a shit 90's music (cough cough Oasis Blur cough cough) is just illogical. If it weren't for Electioneering (Fitter Happier is awful as a song, but it fits on the album, electioneering is a good rock song, but it doesn't fit on the album) OKC would be perfect. LOL for a second I thought you meant boner and I was like wtf. Okay, you're not saying it but you can't deny the band's creativity and reinvention during that period, while the album's experimentalism wasn't something never heard before or begun a musical revolution but it was a breaktrough for them and the alternative/indie scene. Besides the album as a whole it's perfect, even the more common tunes like Optimistic, the album flows flawlessly. It has great cohesion and it's just mind-blowing. It takes some listens to fully appreciate it: I like itafter the first listen l(something that never happened to me before with radiohead) but also thought it was overrated and below the brilliance of OKC and IR, after some other listens I realized its apocalyptical and unconventional beauty, it's one of the most groundbreaking albums of the last 20 years. It's just like a different take on machines and modernism grabbing it to adapt it (and embrace it) to the band's humanity and thoughtfulness. I don't think they're meh, really most of them are mesmerizing, even Fitter Happier, maybe a little conventional (because it's rock) but not indifferent. It has traditional rock instruments and the verse chorus verse chorus bridge structure, but the arrangements the effects the moods of the song are very different from conventional rock, I can name a few bands with this characteristic such as Pink Floyd. Well put Mike there's nothing else to say. As for myself this is how I put the albums: Kid A/ OKC In Rainbows Amnesiac The Bends / The king of Limbs Hail to the Thief The one we don't like talking about PS: you better read it!!
  4. No dude, having sex with more than 7 women is not manly since it means you needed help or have a cyborg penis, which is as fag as liking ustin Bieber. So you're saying I'm womanly :o :dissapointed:
  5. Why did you not move this thread to the one I created? :disappointed: It was such an unmanly move
  6. Well kid a didn't have b-sides at a, and i think overall performances were better during those eras. Specially thom's voice.
  7. There was another manly thread? Ma bad. But then it wasn't for sure as manly as this one.
  8. Considering b-sides, live shows and so?
  9. Real sports not football! Anyway Real Madrid kicks ass :cool:
  10. *cringes* HTTT over kid a and okc?
  11. U woman, u no manly charm
  12. Sex, beer, sports, whisky, videogames, cars, hot chicks, etc.
  13. I would hide it in a bunker. I'd tell them that ice age is coming. I'd be laughing until my head came out. I won't list all the 15.
  14. you guys rock :blush: but did you see what song did I describe? did you?
  15. Well I hope you reunite by christmas.
  16. Yeah it is, it's creepy, dirty and nasty.
  17. omg 1. ricardo 642 up, 188 down A name given to a person, usually male and usually of Hispanic descent. Most people with the name Ricardo are bright intellectuals, sometimes antisocial, but overall good people. Ricardo is a great guy, he's just quiet and misunderstood. buy ricardo mugs & shirts ricardo sid lit trinity ricky by Hisp Dec 1, 2006 share this add a video 2. ricardo 211 up, 104 down the coolest mexican ever and someone you can count on. super fun to hang out with. may act like a pussy, but eventually gives in and has a great time. That dude is freaking awesome, is it Ricardo? buy ricardo mugs & shirts ricardo ivan anthony sierra ashley by piss_excellence May 31, 2009 share this add a video 3. Ricardo 224 up, 136 down A name given to a person, usually male and usually of Hispanic, Castellian or Peruvian descent. Usually people with the name Ricardo are bright intellectuals, sometimes antisocial,and generally badass (overall real nice folk). Ricardo is a great guy, he's just quiet and misunderstood. ricardo sid lit trinity ricky Ricardo looks shy at first but he's such a badass.... he also has suck a Dick and I'm not talking about the nickname ^^. ricardo sex penis cock badass genious dirty sanchez dick filthy ricardo clean ricardo buy ricardo mugs & shirts ricardo sex penis cock badass genious dirty sanchez dick filthy ricardo [clean ricardo]. by no-homo Dec 28, 2008 share this add a video 4. ricardo 88 up, 19 down The name Ricardo is a Spanish and Portuguese form of RICHARD, which originated as an Old German name. In German, the name Richard means "brave ruler" or "strong, powerful leader" The meaning of the name Ricardo is Brave Ruler. The origin of the name Ricardo is Spanish. Ricardo is the Portuguese and Spanish cognate of the name Richard. ALL OF THESE ARE SO TRUE :charming:
  18. Fuck off peeps I spent like five minutes typing the rules and nobody saw them :disappointed:
  19. I hope those bitches tour Mexico again! :bigcry: Nevermind, I'd go see them even in Timbuktu.
  20. yup, *crosses fingers*

  21. k fellas these are my tastes, but heck don't make my mixtape based on them, my fellow partner put whatever you like in it as long as you think is good, with some noteworthy exceptions such as the top 40, metal and national folk music. I have only participated in 3 mixtapes, in the first due to my limited time and musical tastes and to the fact that i broke the following rules my mixtape was sheer shit in a resonant state, so these are the golden rules that aren't shown on the original post for the mixtape exchange participants: 1.- Make a good mixtape for Apollo's sake, make your victim believe you're god or want to have sex with you or at least, make sure you receive a "thanks I enjoyed listening it". 2.- Try to put different or not very known songs, and no not for hipster's sake, but seriously who wants to listen to coldplay whom are liked by half of the forum or radiohead whom are liked by 3/4 parts of the forum? People want to discover new music and the tastes of others, this is the whole point of this, so don't be oblivious by making a the killers, oasis, coldplay, radiohead, u2 based mixtape. 3.- Write a review of the mixtape you received, just as you'd like to receive a review of yours. 4.- Write a good review for Pitchfork's sake. Ok no one is expecting you to write an essay on each song, but least go beyond the basic approval/dissaproval satements such as " Song #6, I liked this rock song." Write a more comprehensive,substantial and significant opinion, i.e. , "A song in the key of a minor comprising an exquisite 5/4 timing with some clapping aiding the loops and the drumming with the rythm, some smooth and groovy bass riffs over layered phantasmagoric keyboards and the jazzy guitar crowning the arrangements while the singer sings some interesting lines with his tenor-esque voice and some falsetto." Got it? 5.- Give yourself time. Damn it, this process takes time for sure, so when you singed up you knew you were going to need time, thus now you have 1 week to give away your mixtape and of course to listen to the one you receive and listen to it, lack of time is not an excuse, you knew what you were facing. 6.- The most important rule of all: Have lots of fun!
  22. Ainsley I'm sorry about your loss and the whole situation in your country. Just remember that life goes on and that one can't run away from happines stuck in fear and the past. I hope that you recover tranquilty and learn to keep loving and smiling despite uncertainity and restlessness. Hugs to you and my condolences to you and your acquaintances.

  23. Okay I'll trust ya ... Yeah it's a bit confusing, to put it simple if I get in as freshman I'll loose 2 years of college, of what I'm studying here in Mexico.

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