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  1. Ready to wear a sombrero? Damn where's trollface when you need it.

  2. Nevermind, I'm already lurking through youtube to see what I find out but nothing new thus far apart form the videos you posted in the radiohead thread. What I find annoying is that the dude that recorded videos posted the songs we've aleady heard a thousand times and that always are performed flawlessly. I'm looking forward for more the king of limbs stuff

  3. No, and wth people wanted to hear okc and kid a?
  4. NO broadcasting? Lame. Setlist thus far 01 Lotus Flower 02 15 Step 03 Little By Little apparently the setlist leaked Lotus Flower / 15 Step / Magpie / Little By Little / All I Need / Separator / Give Up The Ghost / Arpeggi / Staircase / I Might Be Wrong / Bloom / Reckoner / Daily Mail
  5. mike dude do you know if there's live streaming of radiohead's glastonbury performance?

  6. omg me wants to see that, if someone could get me a link that person would earn a prize from me! EDIT: stupid atease why does it always crash?
  7. Or wa wa waterfall, your call. Actually I think not being the favourite puts less pressure on you and that i think is a great advantage. But remeber, if you got no fear of the underdog that's why you will not survive! Maybe something humiliating on the sig would work too

  8. There's nothing wrong with sex. Ok here's my advice, love is found often where we don't expect it.
  9. Boobs! Nah just kidding I love fish and seafood (my fav food), but i also enjoy beef and lamb A LOT.
  10. I want to bet you on the gold cup final. Maybe something like listening to horrible mexican music nonstop if usa looses and me listening to friday if mexico loses.

  11. Of course captain obvious!
  12. I didn't have a very close contact with you, but I think you are one of the most noteworthy members because of your contribution in the world of music section.
  13. The new song is okay. Liked the guitars, vocals were fine, but overall the song is nothing to get very excited at. It's just another forgettable song. THIS
  14. You should be a good girl Lauren. BTW I called them and they said I needed the SAT because I did not have the required hours of maths or something to apply as a transfer, so I'll be getting in as a freshman which is equal to idleness, because I don't wanna loose three semesters, so I'll take the SAT, send it to them as well as addiotional transcripts of my current college (by the time I applied I hadn't finished them). If they still see me as freshmen I'll quit because I don't wanna waste the time and the money I have devoted to my current college.

  15. OMG thanks a lot Ainsley!! I'll later show you my Heima DVD, for all of you that don't own it be jealous.
  16. THat piece is gorgeous!! WIll definitely check him out, he seems like an improved version of the impressionists.
  17. NO rudo you fail, my posts weren't incoherent due to the context of each one of them.
  18. Yup I can say I like it, unlike the For Emma one
  19. Actually I wasn't expecting you to like it, I was expecting you listened to it alone, at midnight, and creeped the hell out.
  20. So I googled groupie: *copies and pastes* A groupie is a person who seeks emotional and sexual intimacy with a musician or other celebrity. If it's just seeking, then half coldplaying is a groupie. If it's actually accomplishing it, then whoever does does it is a lucky.
  21. Moral of the Story: don't mess with Lauren.

  22. I lol'd at you affiliation to the massive penis group

  23. I actually find this one less boring.
  24. You will get pwned just like the last time! :smug:
  25. I don't find them that depressing, maybe a little bit gloomy but not to the point of affecting yourself in a depressing way.
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