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  1. GarbageOffice…I totally agree. I listened to it once and never need to listen to it again. I may edit it out of the album when it comes out next month. I get it that people that enjoy sickening sweet pop music may like this but it’s not what I want to hear from Coldplay. If I want to hear Britney Spears or BTS, I’ll toss them on but if I wanna hear Coldplay, this isn’t what I’m looking for.
  2. Thanks!!! Now I need to find a downloadable version of that.
  3. I would gladly pay for this track, but since that isn’t an option, could anyone send me a copy via dm? Thanks in advance if you could. Cheers!
  4. While i am against police brutality. I kinda find that the audio distracts me from the song. Is there a version that doesn’t include that audio. I also have 5 yr olds that don’t need to hear it.
  5. Anyone know when the songs will be available on itunes today. Im in Philly. Figured I’d wake up with them. Nothing yet.
  6. Hi escapist. Could you please pm me the link. I appreciate it. Been on here since xy.

  7. My problem with the album is that I find myself not singing with it at all. These songs are just not interesting. When many think the bonus songs are the best ones and they compare them favorably to other bsides. Thats not saying much. Listening to VLV i realized that there isnt one song on ghost story that i prefer over any of the VLV songs. I actually have to force myself to play the new album out of respect for coldplay.
  8. If you can find the time. Could you pm me with the album. Thank you so much. You will be a folk hero on this board for many years to come.

  9. ysthomas


    Does Magic remind anyone else of something by Athlete? Something off of their tourist album. Haven't listened to it for a bit. Chris sings a bit like the lead singer of Athlete at the beginning when he says "true" and "you". Good song though. Gets stuck in your head.
  10. What Coldplay songs really have been hits on the radio(in the US)? Yellow, Clocks, In My Place, Fix You, Speed of Sound, Viva la Vida. I might have heard Every Teardrop and Paradise 3-4 times each max. I think what Mylo Xyloto is missing is that A level song. All the other albums had them. This one just has a bunch of B level songs at best.
  11. Why do they continue to push Up in Flames. It could be my least favorite Coldplay song of all time. Its just so mediocre and forgettable. If they need another song from this album put on Up with the Birds or U.F.O. But even them I don't need to see in concert.
  12. I heard Rainy Day over the weekend, at a Sears(very weird), and thought to myself, "this is better than 90% of the MX album." The songs are just not up to the A level songs we expect from them. They seem like b-sides, aside from Charlie Brown (which lacks a great chorus, not that I think it should have one).
  13. I've given it 5 months and I just can't really love the album. It has some good songs, it has some okay songs, and then Up in Flames which is the one I always skip. I don't really care about what style they are going for, what we need is some GREAT songs. This album is missing them. I'll pop in Viva or XY and I am totally envigorated style. MX is my only cd in my one car and I throw it in when nothing else is on the radio. Its just fine. And that performance was so underwhelming.
  14. Does the x stage come further out than the Viva la vida stage setup? It just seemed odd that no seats were being bootlegged in those first sections.
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