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  1. nice chris but ugly shoes:laugh3: from live 2003 lucky finger
  2. Hey, I'm just reminding all you coldplayers to voice your opinion and be part of who decides coldplaying.com's FAVORITE COLDPLAY SONG. Everything you need to know is here = http://coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=48501 Remember there are new matches just about every day so check into the thread often!

  3. anna poppellwell for narnia loves them :P
  4. I'm 16 years 6 months and 25 days I think btw, I was born January 16th 1992
  5. i haven't had a coldplay dream for long time :cry: but this morning when i woke up lovers in japan was playing in my head :laugh3: it was nice :D
  6. i had to check on my itunes :shocked2: 385, gosh!! addicted? noo!!!
  7. ^i forgot to say that that's from a old interview:cool:
  8. i just thought that u should scan this and translate this :D Coldplay laughs at suicidal rock 'n roll life. COLDPLAY PLAYS WHAT EVER THEY WANT IN THEIR NEW ALBUM Making our new album took so long that we are embarrassed about that, Guy Berryman confesses. > laughs at way of rockstars life. London Viva la vida or death and all his friends is the most waited album of the year. Rockband Coldplays fourth studio album is hoped to rehabilitate selling of CDs and EMI. Bassist Guy Berryman belives that album will live up to fans. -We released our third album X&Y feeling
  9. i'm LITLLE addicted whit this one :wink3: like only 105 plays in itunes :laugh3::smug:
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