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  1. Apparently the Tokyo concert was filmed for a live release.
  2. Wouldn't be surprised if the Welsh show is at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.
  3. I know, when I saw that on the setlist I was so excited, but I don't reckon they will play it on Saturday sadly. It is good that they are changing the setlist slightly each evening and GPASUYF is so much better than IMP.
  4. That's the risk you take if you purchase General Admission tickets. Fingers crossed it'll stay dry though.
  5. £25! ☹️ I think the tour t shirts are far better value for money.
  6. Respect to the guy who got up on stage to dance with Chris, he wasn't doing any harm and he must have had the time of his life. [emoji109]
  7. Can anyone tell me how much they were charging for beer? Would like to know because I'm going to one of the Wembley concerts. Thanks [emoji106]
  8. See you Soon is a decent song request to perform, but I would love to see Everything's Not Lost [emoji108]
  9. What is the concert you are selling tickets for? (sorry, just couldn't resist).
  10. Unbreakable Kimmy Smit DareDevil American Horror Story
  11. www.seetickets.com I think they still have some
  12. Definitely, I don't think they've been to Singapore since VLV tour.
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