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  1. dont post a lot just hang round here from years ago but i dont like the record at all apart from charlie brown its average and boring only my take on it , i may grow to like it
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    good luck and was only trying to help x
  3. corgi1998


    i had this about 2 years ago and let me tell you all it is is ocd in overdrive in your mind you will get better mark my words i talked openly to my family and doctors and didnt hide anything from them just remember they are unwanted thoughts so when you think of one write it down and look back at it think you aint fucking beating me no chance im here for the fight . good luck any questions im here i still have them now and again but learned to deal with them it is only o.c.d playing havoc. xxxxx
  4. aint posted for a while didnt like last album to much but this song is better than anything on the last 2 albums just my opinion but it is class
  5. mc squared i remember you also remember kapone what happend to him???
  6. Do you remember sending me a DVD of the 2005 Glasto performance? yeah i do mate been a long time since x and y??
  7. Are you the guy in Wales?? yes mate been floating on here for years
  8. i recorded it and have now converted it to mp4 will upload 2mrow as its 2 late now as im am up at 5 am (postman) it is in 2 parts thanks back online at 12 pm
  9. Its thier acthung baby (baby) I have had this on loop for last 2 hrs and all i can say is its going to sell buy the bucket loads every song a single and a classic better than arobtth buy a mile and thier stand out album .... just orderd it on hmv its the least i can do ( what a album) Sorry For Spelling >>>>>>>>>
  10. I dont belive the sun its a rag mag Total bollocks... they are telling you what you already know probaly been on here for info first ..
  11. try this mate.... god put a smile..... http://rapidshare.de/files/16574445/gpasuyf.rar.html
  12. look at my thread in multimedia .... learn yellow on acoustic guitar thread... gives yo videos on how to plat songs on guitar hope this helps
  13. kapone did you find the time to tab this mate
  14. does anybody know these little lead parts and fills for trouble download the acoustic video and see what i mean http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=27398 kapone im counting on you mate
  15. just my opinion friend not my cup of tea i respect your reply :cool:
  16. just my opinion but the album is just all the same all the way through no direction or change quite boring after 5 songs
  17. in my place,the scientist,trouble,and learning a message now of kapones tabs..whether i sound good or not i dont care as long as its sounds ok to me :lol:
  18. hey kapone can you do sleeping sun ........ im not saying the tab a few posts below is wrong but your the main man here...
  19. corgi1998

    Song debate

    fix you or the scientist i will go for fix you the song is utter class (sorry for spelling)
  20. come on people its about music not whos better if it wasnt for oasis there would be no coldplay ( all my uk friends will understand) this qoute........
  21. hi mate any tips on how to be a better player on guitar as i have been playing 3yrs im not bad but not as good as you by the sounds of it ...
  22. pay for a premium account mate i think its only a couple of quid its worth it no waiting always slots availble that what i did ....
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