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  1. Happy birthday. I hope you will enjoy the day.

  2. Haha this is one of the coolest story ever! :cool: I can't believe how insane they are. Seriously, how's it even possible to be so nice like that?!? :D Congrats and thanks for sharing!!! :thumbsup: :)
  3. THIS :lol: Pretty much sums up everything! :D
  4. I gave it ONE elephant instead of :thumbsdown: because it made me laugh, but.....SERIOUSLY?! It is artistically and aesthetically really bad, in my opinion.... :\ ETIAW is much more beautiful... ;)
  5. Seriously????!!! Tickets already sold out? In a few...minutes/hours?!! Oh. My. God. :stunned: It's getting crazier and crazier. I didn't buy my ticket on pre-sale because there was a delivery fee that I didn't want to pay ;) Then yesterday, when tickets went on general sale, I hesitated for half an hour because.......well..........the thought of waiting outside all day in the cold (maybe even the snow) is quite.....disturbing, to say the least :P But I couldn't resist for more than half an hour. Now I feel lucky to have been able to get a ticket!! Congrats to everyone :) :cool:
  6. That's both amazing and terrible news. I hope the first date/place is true: playing in Bercy would be AWESOME. :) But seriously........the Stade de France?!!?? That'd be a NIGHTMARE. That place is AWFUL. Too big, crappy sound, and BAD organization. I really hope they won't play there. :(
  7. Je préfère nettement Bercy pour le son mais ça devient trop petit pour eux je pense. Ce sont de stars maintenant. :-))

  8. J'espère qu'ils ne feront pas de concert au Stade de France !!! C'est pas le meilleur des endroits... :(

  9. Hi! The trip back home was terrible, it was so warm! But I survived :) My facebook, I think it's private, but just send me a friendship request :nice:

  10. Certainement. Elles étaient quasiment devant moi. On aurait dû se rapprocher pour pouvoir s'asseoir à la barrière. On se verra quand ils donneront un concert au Stade de France l'an prochain j'espère.

  11. Hey! How is it going? Did you have a nice trip back to Rotterdam? :) What's your facebook account? So that I can see the pics you've taken on Sunday :) Thanks a lot!! :)

  12. Bonjour Patricia :) On s'est ptet vues alors ! J'étais jute derrière Anna, à côté de Camille et Chavi ;)

  13. Haha, Perrine & Anna, such amazing warriors!!!!!!!! :thumbsup: :D Don't know how you did it....... :clap: I stayed home yesterday...I was too exhausted. And even with that I'm now stuck in bed with a nasty cold....... :\ I guess the conditions we were in on Sunday were a little bit too extreme for me!!! to say the least.... ;) Thanks everyone for your reviews and pictures! :) Thanks Mark for your review which enlightened me and which I completely agree with!
  14. Patricia.J'étais tout près de la barrière.J'ai vu plusieurs fans d'ici (Anna et d'autres gens vus sur le bateau à Londres). Un grand type était devant moi me bouchant la vue. Ca a été quand même. J'ai beaucoup aimé le concert.

  15. Tu t'appelles comment ? On s'est rencontrées hier ptet ? :)

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