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  1. hey if you have a facebook plz hit me up here is my email [email protected] youll find me under Erica Lohr. i hope we get to meet up at talk about your pie job again lol

  2. god its been forever since i ws in this place

  3. look for me on facebook. we can talk about robert downy jr. all the time. <3 my email is [email protected] i look forward to speaking to you.

  4. u know what?? just search for Srijani Ganguly on Facebook.... its weird...but there is nobody in this world(!!) wid my name...hahaha

  5. hiya...sorry tuk a break...he he..i do dat a lot yeah the fish r very stupid....welll india is a pooper(my frend's word for poor) country..but i feel sad for ol the talented craftsmen the most coz they r not that appreciated...even tho there are tons of craft fairs i finally finished my prac stuf tho...i'll shw u a pic of it..its a total waste of time oh yeah..there was holi (festival of colour n stuf...mainly its celebrated as d beginning of summer) what IS upp wid you??? n 2mrws my seniors farewell..n i hav 2 do d decoration...so im gonna go now n buy colrd paper byeeeeeeee

  6. I know...he just jealous:P I've been doing good, this week we're testing so i kind of like it cus we have short days what about you? Oh no i didn't..what is it? [email protected] oh and thanks..love the pic!!

  7. happy belated birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [IMG][/IMG]

  8. ya hes insane name 1 good reason y he should hate him.:confused::inquisitive: how have u been doing? :D and did u join the mix tape thing that coldplaying is doing?:confused: and if u have a facebook give me ur email plz.:D:)

  9. Yes he is!! I ha to go watch it with my friend who had alreay watched it cus my dad doesn't like Robert and wouldn't take me..i think he's a little insane:P

  10. thank ya!!! yeah..the world is full of losers n nowadays ...i guess instead of imitation is the best form of flattery....its slowly becuming suing ppl over idiotic plagiarism is the best form of flattery hey even i stayed at home....n i was trying to study too for my xams..wch were xtrmly awful..but who cares. my frnds n i..... v just celebrtd the end of our xams in kfc rite after givn the last one...sum ppl tho...didnt cum bcz thr was solar eclipse at that time...they r stillllll so superstitious !! n i'll tel ya one thing.....d govt n ol these climatologists hav been fooling us wid ths global warming bs.....its not becuming warm but colder n colder ..... :laugh3::laugh3: so many flights n trains hav been cancld bcoz of the fog....n the min temp is 5-8 degrees blo normal ...bunch of crazy ppl these weathermen...they are nvr rite n wassup wid u??

  11. robert downey jr. is amazing

  12. Oh thats a good plan:) I finally wemt to see it! :dance: and yes it was

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