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  1. hey if you have a facebook plz hit me up here is my email [email protected] youll find me under Erica Lohr. i hope we get to meet up at talk about your pie job again lol

  2. god its been forever since i ws in this place

  3. look for me on facebook. we can talk about robert downy jr. all the time. <3 my email is [email protected] i look forward to speaking to you.

  4. happy belated birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [IMG][/IMG]

  5. ya hes insane name 1 good reason y he should hate him.:confused::inquisitive: how have u been doing? :D and did u join the mix tape thing that coldplaying is doing?:confused: and if u have a facebook give me ur email plz.:D:)

  6. robert downey jr. is amazing

  7. ya i need to cath up on theseries again also. i recently found a site called www.onemanga.com where u can read free manga and it wont wreck ur computer :dance: y save up so long for tickets? u dont have to answer but how much do u get paid? hopefully un get ur tickets soon.

  8. ur avitar reminds me of demitri martin

  9. im obsessed with death note and have been for awhile also. it wasnt a series i could definatly read overnite. but i love the detail and critical storyline behind it. what scene/ book # are you on?

  10. this is a bunchof bulls**t...y because that person waited till now to sue them. the songs have been #1 hits for nearly a decade and hes most likely heard it a couple of times. u would think he'd have the brains enough to sue back in there parachutes stage, not there viva stage..............................DUMBASS!!!!!:veryangry2:
  11. ah thank u. and yes wen i saw the pillow scene my eyes bluged out to lol the fight scene waz pure ownage....1 of my favorite parts.

  12. is my avitar funny? dude rdj is amazing !!! WASNT HE A SEXY SHERLOCK HOLMES *SQUEE*:dance:

  13. prety good just checkin my email

  14. FINALLY I FIND A ROBERT DOWNY JR. FAN OVER HERE!!! YAY!!! :shocked2::stunned::D:lol::laugh3: id love 4 u 2 accept my invite so we can talk about him:gossip::heart:

  15. my bad that last message about robert was 4 some1 else. but how r u?

  16. FINALLY I FIND A ROBERT DOWNY JR. FAN OVER HERE!!! YAY!!! :blush::idea2::dance::dance: id love to add u as a friend so we can talk about him:gossip::heart::)

  17. thanks 4 joining my group. i like csi 2. :D

  18. Oh my goodness all of coldplays songs are brilliant. it was a little difficult for me to choose right away which lyrics or quotes i like best. "I hear the sound and ticking of clocks, remember my face remember me when you are lost"(whisper) "and all you ever wanted was love but you never looked hard enough its never gonna give itself up"(low) all of square one. all the lyrics mean alot to me. "those who are dead are not dead there just living in my head"(42)
  19. indeed :D i need to go out and see it to. but ill most likely wait till it comes out on dvd. but i did go see sherlock holmes recently and it was amazing. :o :)

  20. so where u from? im from southern california :D

  21. u have L as ur avitar i need to now u more lol

  22. na we didnt met at all....till now im erica nice 2 meet u emily :)

  23. sasw ur post and loved ur avitar<3 and still do :)

  24. thinking of coldplay of course and watching mythbusters at the same time.
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