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  1. Hi, everyone. I've been a part of the forum since sometime in the Viva days, but I've posted far less frequently over the past few years. Please forgive the length of my post, which I guess will fairly well make up for my lack of posting. (haha) To somewhat echo what others have said, perhaps it's a bit reactionary to start jumping to conclusions concerning the full nature of what "Los Unidades" really is about this early on. What we have now is one collaboration between them and Pharrell, and in a few days, we'll get the other two tracks. All of this is part of a collaborative EP made for the sake of Global Citizen and its causes. To assume any more at this point seems, at least to me, to be a bit hasty. It might be worth considering the following: 1. IF "Los Unidades" is, indeed, an anagram of "Unsold Ideas", it doesn't make sense to discredit that possibility based solely upon a few contributions to a collaborative EP and an overall lacking of "big picture" information (more on the notion of unsold ideas in my second thought). The band's decision to create a "new" band and make contributions to a collaborative EP before even putting out their own personal EP or LP seems odd, but due to the timing of both the Global Citizen's festival and the release of the Butterfly Package, perhaps it couldn't be avoided. It creates more confusion for us, but I can't help but think that they intend to make things much more clear for us in the coming weeks/months. 2. To dive deeper into a thought from my first point, the sheer lack of information at the present should be enough to warrant our patience. Outside of what we know with the upcoming EP, all that we have is a highly stylized photo of the boys from the Ghost Stories era being used as their band photo and evidence of certain unreleased Coldplay songs being registered under the new band name. Beyond this, we're left in the dark. Just because the one song we've heard from the EP is very poppy and the EP itself is collaboration-heavy, that doesn't necessarily indicate that "Los Unidades" was created simply to be a creative outlet for Chris' pop interest. To me, at least, it makes more sense to say that Coldplay has old material they want to release, but none of it is suitable for a Coldplay release--it's too "out there" or too different to suit how Coldplay ultimately defines itself. So, they ultimately decided it will be better to release it as a different band with different rules. This can give them more creative freedom to include elements they wouldn't feel comfortable adding to Coldplay releases, or else will allow older songs they've written to exist in the way they were meant to exist without having to be changed to comply to the band's rules for album releases (which can act to hinder the full potential of a track). 3. If all else fails, assuming that this is an excuse for Chris to explore his pop interests more, perhaps we can be grateful that he's getting it out of his system through Los Unidades instead of through proper Coldplay releases. The burden is ultimately on us to be patient and wait for whatever it is the band is aiming to achieve. Whether or not we enjoy the upcoming EP, I don't think it is worth letting it worry us this early on. Until we see if they are actually going to release non-collaborative material, or if this is just a means for them to work with other artists for charity and create music more in line with their collaborators' genres (allowing Chris a considerable degree of creative control and input), we would probably do well to hold tight and not get too worked up over a future of which we've only been allowed a mere glimpse. I'm hopeful for whatever lies ahead, and even if it doesn't turn out as well as many of us would prefer, we still have future (true) Coldplay releases waiting for us a couple of years down the road. I can't wait to see what lies ahead!
  2. Almost 5 months since the last post. Anything new since then? Interesting conversations/meetings at the Bakery or Beehive? Of course, Dave Holmes seemed to make it fairly clear in the interview that we shouldn't expect another tour until at least 2021, but considering the band's frequent creative energy, it's hard not to be curious as to what they're up to. :eyes: November 17th marks a year since the AHFOD tour ended--hard to believe how the time has gone by!
  3. Well, everyone, AHFOD (LP7) is out and the tour is on! Considering what all Chris has said about that record being the conclusion to a particular time in Coldplay's history, and also taking into account what he said about the future of Coldplay's sound (e.g. "There will never be another conventional Coldplay record"), how do we think LP8 will shape up when the time comes? Not to rush us through the current era, of course--it should be savoured! If LP8 is the beginning of a new sound/shape/philosophy for Coldplay music, I wonder what all that will entail?
  4. Yes, it probably will. THE SOONER, THE BETTER. Edit: It has arrived!
  5. The track shows up in the store as if it is available, but where it should allow me to download it or purchase it (I pre-ordered the album), it just has a dull/faded "Pre-Ordered" message, as if I had pressed it to download it but it got stuck. Talk about frustrating!
  6. Gwyneth sings subtle harmony during the first verse, and it's presumed that it's her voice you hear sort of distorted at times throughout the track singing "Eh hey", or something like that. Lol.
  7. THEY'RE GOING TO PLAY EVERGLOW. There you have it, folks.
  8. Not too eventful so far. Almost done playing AOAL. Nothing new (yet)!
  9. Oh, I don't mind them, either. I think used properly, they do the job for which they were intended. Really looking forward to hearing how they use different drums throughout this album!
  10. It seems that a lot of people immediately attribute vocal manipulation to the mainstream "pop" scene, but that's not really the right knee-jerk reaction to have, particularly since artists across EVERY genre use vocal manipulation. It has nothing to do with popular music. I mean, if auto-tune or a vocoder = pop, then we should be hearing more of the likes of Animal Collective every day on the radio, but do we? "Army of One" comes across, to me, as being nearly Shoegaze, but with an organ instead of a synth, which is awesome! Super-excited for this one!
  11. Not sure if anyone has responded to this yet (haven't made it that far in the thread), but if you listen right at the end, acoustic drums start to kick in (I think it's the snare). So, I don't think we're going to have to worry about what drums they use for this track, as it will probably be a blend of both. As for "Fun", it's a kick emulated to sound almost like a heart beat. So, it wouldn't surprise me if they used electric drums, even if just for the kick in that section, as they would be easier to manipulate for that purpose.
  12. I don't think it would make very much sense for the band to be tying all of this in so tightly to the new record and then go and say, "Hey, guys. This actually is completely unrelated to AHFOD. Enjoy, nonetheless!" Coldplay has been pretty solidly consistent about their releases and indicating where they belong, so I think the odds of it being one-off are next to none. I can't reconcile it being anything other than a single off the new record, not to mention how the band have been promoting it recently. The last time they put any effort into teasing a non-album track that I can recall was with Christmas Lights, and that was a big deal because they had finally written their own Christmas track (I remember Chris being very excited about that. Lol!). If this is a one-off recording, then it must be one heck of a song to require so much teasing and promotion! So, I don't think there is any possibility of this being unrelated to AHFOD. If it turns out I'm wrong, I'll shave my beard (thus igniting the fury of my fiancée) and eat my favourite shirt. :(;)
  13. Not a problem! Incredibly excited for this new track (to no surprise--who isn't?)!
  14. I talked to Saket earlier today. He said that the clip wasn't long enough for him to be able to tell if it was what he heard at the music video shoot or not (or else he was just being sneaky and didn't want to spoil anything--very unlikely!). I suppose all will be revealed, however, in just a matter of hours!
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