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  1. Lines from “The Goldrush”, a (very fun) track released on the Life In Technicolor ii EP back in 2009.
  2. Fantastic! Thank you for plugging this in. Curious to see if it will change again before the seventh.
  3. This was solved, yes. It just says “Coldplay Higher Power”. The two that you have marked as T should be R.
  4. Greetings! I haven’t posted here in quite some time, but I’ve been around since the late VLV/early MX days. It’s definitely exciting to see a new era starting up, and it’s always a joy to see what everyone has to say (even if I don’t contribute that much myself these days). I’m posting now to ask if someone will check on the Morse code banner on the alienradio.fm site. It would seem its message has changed since the first message was solved! I’m on the go at the moment, or else I would post more about it. Exciting times! Chris was certainly correct when he sai
  5. Hi, everyone. I've been a part of the forum since sometime in the Viva days, but I've posted far less frequently over the past few years. Please forgive the length of my post, which I guess will fairly well make up for my lack of posting. (haha) To somewhat echo what others have said, perhaps it's a bit reactionary to start jumping to conclusions concerning the full nature of what "Los Unidades" really is about this early on. What we have now is one collaboration between them and Pharrell, and in a few days, we'll get the other two tracks. All of this is part of a collaborative EP made for
  6. Almost 5 months since the last post. Anything new since then? Interesting conversations/meetings at the Bakery or Beehive? Of course, Dave Holmes seemed to make it fairly clear in the interview that we shouldn't expect another tour until at least 2021, but considering the band's frequent creative energy, it's hard not to be curious as to what they're up to. :eyes: November 17th marks a year since the AHFOD tour ended--hard to believe how the time has gone by!
  7. Well, everyone, AHFOD (LP7) is out and the tour is on! Considering what all Chris has said about that record being the conclusion to a particular time in Coldplay's history, and also taking into account what he said about the future of Coldplay's sound (e.g. "There will never be another conventional Coldplay record"), how do we think LP8 will shape up when the time comes? Not to rush us through the current era, of course--it should be savoured! If LP8 is the beginning of a new sound/shape/philosophy for Coldplay music, I wonder what all that will entail?
  8. Yes, it probably will. THE SOONER, THE BETTER. Edit: It has arrived!
  9. The track shows up in the store as if it is available, but where it should allow me to download it or purchase it (I pre-ordered the album), it just has a dull/faded "Pre-Ordered" message, as if I had pressed it to download it but it got stuck. Talk about frustrating!
  10. Gwyneth sings subtle harmony during the first verse, and it's presumed that it's her voice you hear sort of distorted at times throughout the track singing "Eh hey", or something like that. Lol.
  11. THEY'RE GOING TO PLAY EVERGLOW. There you have it, folks.
  12. Not too eventful so far. Almost done playing AOAL. Nothing new (yet)!
  13. Oh, I don't mind them, either. I think used properly, they do the job for which they were intended. Really looking forward to hearing how they use different drums throughout this album!
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