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  1. ..."from now on we'll only be full of surprises"
  2. Thank you Stephen. I haven't contributed enough to deserve that but thank you. This band is my life. ❤️
  3. I can't believe I've been a member on here since 2003. Bonkers. So the moon phase has moved on on the website, it was the full moon yesterday (or Tuesday). No idea if this is new news or not.
  4. benny0353

    Ink - your review

    It's still a grower for me and definitely the weakest on the album, the song I skip if my car journey is only a short one! It lets itself down lyrically but the music behind it is 'pleasant'. It could have been a lot better, but because its Coldplay, I will listen to it and force myself to love it - eventually :D
  5. I'm travelling down from Yorkshire on my own - if anyone is off for a beer and doesn't mind me tagging along let me know :)
  7. I'm off for the first one. And my computer at work is playing up already so I'm getting the feeling it isn't meant to be
  8. Ditto. And i'll buy your drinks all night as a gesture of lifelong gratitude lol :)
  9. I know plenty of people keep saying this but IF I don't get a ticket tomorrow and someone has a spare, please consider me to buy it off you. I am good company (honest) and will buy your drinks all night lol.
  10. I am going to try book just 1 ticket for myself and get my fiancee to try book 2 tickets in the hope that one of us is successful. The thing is we will both book tickets in my name which i think will cause a problem if we BOTH are successful
  11. F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 :(
  12. What panics me most is that i would usually rely on the touts or the ebayers to sort me out (even though i loathe paying over the odds) but it doesnt seem like i'm going to be able to have a back up plan!
  13. We used to buy tickets via the wireless back then you know ;) I was only 14 when I joined myself. Once I like something, it sticks :D
  14. Wow, I haven't been on here in years. Nothings changed, funny how we are all having the same 'ticket stress' that we were 10 years ago!
  15. I think either What if or White shadows... or like suggested ealier to confuse evry1...release A rush of blood to the head (the song) WOOOOOOOOOOOP! :P
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