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  1. Hello there🙂I got two platinum standing tickets rather easily this morning. Impossible to find normal ones and after 15 minutes of refreshing I gave up. I think there are still platinum ones for the Saturday show at least..
  2. they look amazing but God Chris will wear this pair of trousers EVERY CHANCE HE GETS :P
  3. Happy New Year everyone!!!! :D i wish you the absolutely bestest for 2012!
  4. I remember him telling a story like that like a year or so ago. I can't place it exactly but it rings a bell.. :thinking:
  5. :) Merry Christmas to everyone on here! I owe you guys some of the most amazing experiences in my life! Enjoy the holidays! :santa3: Wow and these drawings are amazing! And the Christmas Lights photo with the santa caps on :D
  6. bought tickets for PELOR a few minutes back! I kept refreshing and eventually it let me buy those! At first I got that: Pas assez de places dispos but after trying about 10 times it gave me tickets! weird! :confused: in any case :escaping:
  7. his arms. :stunned::stunned::stunned::stunned: and his eyes! ! !
  8. many people are aware of this already because it comes up on the second bigger tv channel on greek tv every time there are commercials, immediately after the programme. i really hope he is found soon :/
  9. OH MY GOD, I got so excited just now! Please please DO say something about Hurts Like Heaven! And something about the other songs! Like what you thought about them! Mmm I just noticed that you said you're gonna write a full review later... THANK YOU!
  10. OK, so it's not that I hate Rihanna but does she really have to feature in the song I'm looking forward to most on MX?! I mean what were they thinking?! RIHANNA on a Coldplay album?? Not even on an EP?!
  11. I don't think I will be disappointed, I like the new songs and I'm positive that there are better songs that we haven't heard yet. Charlie Brown's studio version sounds brilliant already, the artwork is great and I'm already super-content we're gonna get that pop-up album version with all this material :awesome: Besides, I trust them enough, Chris looks like he's given his 150% to this album..
  12. It is fake I think. However I believe UFO will be a song title.
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