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  1. These people you said, you think, who will admit that they are an "American idiot"? :laugh3: People always have too big self-egos to accept the truth like they're "American idiots". Just kiddin' anyway :P.
  2. They've been doing great works. So why did you stop loving them, I just wonder? :)
  3. I'm gonna ask my sister to download the album on iTunes and send it to me cos I've got no bank account :P. I'm sure that the next album will be great like Think tank did.
  4. Wow! You did see them in life? You are soooo happy! I'm still dreaming of that 8->. Tell me more about that concert. I really eager to know :D.

  5. Yeah,Fix You is definitely the best song on the album.;) Then VLV gives me chill 'cos the crowd went really wild,don't you think? Listening to this album brings back memories of the time I saw them live in concert.:cry:

  6. Hey, why there's nobody visit this thread anymore? Don't you think Blur is great, guys? I love Coffee and TV, The Universal, Girls and Boys and Parklife the most :x.
  7. Holiday - Green Day and Life in technicolor ii - Coldplay
  8. Yes, of course, I've downloaded them. They performed excellently. The sound is very clear and Chris's voice is wonderful. I think the best one of this CD is Fix you. And what do you think?

  9. She thinks exactly what I do but I don't know who is Shaheen :P
  10. I'm really new to both Coldplay and Green Day. I've loved both of them since their latest album's released day: Coldplay last year and Green Day this May15 :">. I love them right the first time I heard their songs. I can't tell you which one I prefer. They're both awesome :dance:. Oh, I wish I had known them long before. I wonder what the first songs you listened of them (Coldplay and Green Day) are. I bet you're a big fan of them. Have a nice day:).

  11. :) Hi, yeah I think the same, nice to meet you. Green Day is kinda my mother band, when I first saw a video of them I started to like music and then came Coldplay (who turned out to beat them haha). I got all their albums.

  12. Hi April! Nice to hear from you again so soon. So are you obsessed with Coldplay now? I'm from Malaysia,as you can see from my profile. Am a Chinese.. By the way,have you downloaded the LRLRL live album from their website?

  13. Hi, I saw you on many threads and know that you love Green Day. It's nice to see the one who loves both Coldplay and Green Day like me. :cool:

  14. AprilNguyen

    The song Game!

    Everyday I love you - Boyzone ^^
  15. 21 guns- Green Day and Life in technicolor ii- Colplay :P
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