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  1. thx (if that is the appropriate word.idk) speaking of which y do u2 fans hate coldplay so much?? it baffles me!

  2. lol good..guess what? i might see U2 this summer! (maybe even coldplay in march...maybe)

  3. sorry i didn't talk to u in a while... *random* u know i obviously dwell in coldplay haters, and beig a u2 fan i often ask why do u2 fans hate coldplay so much? u should see it! on @u2.com, they have a whole forum about 'reasons to hate coldplay' claiming they have no soul and are rip-offs and whateves

  4. hey laura! sorry i didn't talk to u in a while.... how is it going/

  5. great idea! i feel like i should be 'inspired' (or steal from...which ever way u wanna look at it:D lol) from it. u know you're obsessed with coldplay when... -you start appreciating scotch tape more..because it reminds you of the Scottish bassist of coldplay, guy berryman that's kind of random isn't it?
  6. i don't have a mic either, but we can still talk to each other cant we? what is your username?

  7. i see someone told u to join tinychat.com..did u join it? if u did we should talk to each other on that site!

  8. they're still a good band though..i'm sad to see noel on his own now cuz he seemed nice..and he likes coldplay!!=) do u plan on ever going to a coldplay concert? i'm obsessed with trying to go to concerts! in fact, when people told me i coudn;t go to a U2 concert i started getting a bit depressed! well not depressed..but real upset. i couldn't stand the idea of not going. i'm still trying to pursuade them to get to the U2 concert as we speak! if i could, i would even pay for the whole thing! that is how much i want to go!!! how much does your friend know about coldplay?

  9. yeah....they only had one good song, that;s what i think. aw well, i feel like only really vicious,insecure people insult coldplay. i mean, what;s there 2 hate about them? that's why the two people of oasis. i mean once chris martin replied to their insults in the most polite and proper way and he replied by insulted him again! then they called coldplay fans "ugly and boring".....then they insult chris for not taking drugs! no wonder they broke up! they insult for no reason, it seems like. gosh....give coldplay a break they didn;t do anything! where did u go to c coldplay? speaking of which, i really wanted to see U2 in chicago...but everyone is busy around that time and they complain about the traffic....call me obssesed but i came a bit more depressed once they all said no. gosh to see U2! it would be amazing!

  10. hehe..of only we went to the same school! that would be so cool! i wish i had a friend who was obsessed with coldplay... anywho...what is the problems w these dudes from oasis! they insult coldplay 4 no reason..they even said coldplay fans were "ugly and boring" i'm sorry but i can;t help but dwell when people insult my fave band!

  11. i didn't hear any VLV:cry: i was just wondering...r there any other coldplay fans in ur school? 'cuz they aren't where i go...:dozey: in fact, they only coldplay fan in my school that i know of is my crappy language arts teacher last year....gosh dane all the hw she assigned! i only like her 4 two reasons a) i was a good student b) she liked coldplay! it seems like around here they're aren't any coldplay fans...and when i do meet one they only know the name of the lead singer..........which is fine but sometimes i wish i could meet a coldplay fan as obssesed as i

  12. that's a hard one...i would have to chose more than one : Bigger Stronger,Politik, Death and All His Friends, VLV ,Clocks, white shadows, spies, the list goes on... there was a point where jonny was my absolute favorite,too! Chris was right.i guess people who would deny him would be out of their mind,( like said in green eyes?)lol this is what the lead singer of Green Day said in a show according to Coldplaying.com :"This is a fucking rock 'n' roll show, not a tea party," he admonished. "You listen to Coldplay on your own f***ing time!" i'm sorry but what was that supposed to mean?:inquisitive: :stunned: i sorta feel like i should feel offended. how about you?

  13. oh wait maybe not..........i heard 2 moreU2 songs and another coldplay song

  14. aw well..at least i can stop bothering you about it LOL

  15. LOL yeah..gosh dane it! :angry:

  16. crap! ijust missed SS on one of the channels!


  18. it was on the siruis channels on dish network omg i almost had a heart attack when i heard it! i even recorded it...obsession i know

  19. WOOT! i just heard life in technicolor ii on siruis spectrum!! i had to tell someone!

  20. lol great! yeah.. we could definitely try that!

  21. LOL i guess i could stand on you..but.....IDK i don;t wanna break your back:shocked2:

  22. what feeling do u get from things i don't understand? i know u said that u like the older songs more, rite? and that's why u like this song more rite? do the older songs give u more emotion than the newer ones? is that one of the reasons u like the older songs more? which band member do u love the most? i know..it's a toughie! right now mine is guy...for his obvious handsomeness (did i spell that right?)

  23. Hi! what is your favorite and least favorite Coldplay song? Why?

  24. no..we both be disguised as kelly then go in at different times...no one will know:)

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