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  1. I was at the concert last night, it was great. The people in front of us were really mean and asked us to stop screaming but whatever. I was in section 105 row D so basically the other side of the stadium from the stage. The upgrader came up to us and asked us a few questions, and when he looked at our tickets he said Have a Good Time and walked away :( I was pissed. But when I was sitting in my seat before the show holding my "I <3 you Guy Berryman" poster a man came up to me and had a coldplay pass on him and asked to take a picture of me with my poster. After he took it, I asked if he wa
  2. Hahah that would totally happen too! :dozey:

  3. Yeah, a lot better than the live version. I hope Charlie Brown is the next single though, I don't want the popular song from this album to be Princess of China JUST because Rihanna's on it.

  4. Princess of China actually sounds great. I love it so much!

  5. Charlie Brown for sure, I don't like how quiet the vocals are on Dont Let It Break your Heart. But Im glad Rihanna didnt ruin Princess of China.

  6. Probably Princess of China or Don't Let it Break Your Heart. How about you?

  7. o awesome! happy birthday! I got the pop-up too, it looks pretty awesome, but im not sure if the actual pop up book will be many pages or just the one shown in the preview...cause that would sort of suck. What's your favorite new song?

  8. A lot of friends and family called to wish me a Happy Birthday :nice: :crown:
  9. I like it a lot! I'm not sure how I would place it quite yet. AROBTTH is still my favorite for sure. It's so different from all their albums but in a good way! My mom ordered me the pop-up edition for my birthday because my birthday is today so I'm excited to get that :)

  10. haha well at least now we have Mylo. How much do you like it?! I think it might be their third best, possibly second after Viva...

  11. Everytime I read your username, I say/sing in my head "People person's paper people". :laugh3:

  12. ^This. I didn't hate the song when I first listened it, but I was displeased. It doesn't have the same emotional impact Coldplay songs have on me, even ETIAW did. It sounded way to tech-y too (sorry for the poor description). But tonight, I blasted it in my car driving home from rehearsal and it sounded great. I love the bass, and the chorus is pretty catchy. I'm still singing "It could be paradise" in my head. However, I don't think it has the same emotional spark that most Coldplay songs are like, and another thing I noticed, I don't think it suits Chris Martin's voice very well. I love his
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