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  1. I'm watching America's Got Talent and they are in Chicago (my town!) and they are playing Fix You :)
  2. I Ran Away :heart: It's my favorite B-Side. And I've always noticed that.
  3. Thanks! I :heart: The Flaming Lips. :cheesy:

  4. Hopefully you'll be seeing them in Chicago. :nice: How is everyone?
  5. Stefan, you better be coming to Lollapalooza with me! I really gotta buy my ticket... I'm really excited though. Anyway, I want to be in involved with this! :D
  6. It's this website my friend Allison showed to me forever ago and I introduced it to all the Coldplayers because I think it would be a good idea to video chat with each other! It's so much fun now!
  7. I'm trying to get into them since I'll be seeing them at Lollapalooza. :D
  8. This thread has so many posts now :blush: ! EDIT: I need a new picture on here... What should it be?
  9. It's pretty boring so far... I need to find a costume for it. :P
  10. I haven't been here in forever D: I forgot what my signature looks like. How is everyone? Any good concerts coming up? I found out the other day that the current play I'm in (Anything Goes) is going on July 22 - 24 so I can't do the summer trip anymore. :bigcry:
  11. Gee, I hope Coldplay releases their new album soon. I'm so bored... At least Jack Johnson's CD is coming out soon.
  12. I'm thinking about my chorus concert tonight..
  13. I'm very confused. Is this 100% true? And if so, when will it shut down?
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