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  1. Hey Vera... did u disapeared? =\

  2. Hey Vera! How are u? Miss you... if you can, write me some news about you, okay? XOXOX

  3. HAHAHA falando português muito bem!!!!!!!!!!!! saudades!

  4. Hey! Obrigada, querido! Tudo bem?

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM BRAZIL!! Wish u the best! Congratulations... you deserve! ;) Kisses and hugs!

  6. :lol::rolleyes::)

  7. Great you got home safe! I already miss u. =) so lets keep in contact forever lol

  8. Yeah, I've seen that moment! I don't actually believe we were there! But that was REAL!=) It's ok! I got home safe. That's amazing to know you! Salvador is definitely in my list of places to go in Brazil next time:) And I have very good impression of Brazil! I really loved it and I wanna go back. Miss everything there. Tchau! P.S. Just in case, I use this number right now: +79119777998

  9. You dont know how happy I am to receive your answer! I was affraid about the way I let you return to your friends home that night. I was idiot to let you jump out of the bus lol I should let you return with security. Im really sorry for that moment. You have my email and my phone number and my page here! Lets try to never lose contact! Im sad you are returning to Russia. Bad to have a girl like u far away from me. But be sure that when you come again Ill try hard to meet you again. Now you are leaving, did u really enjoy the exchange? Whats ur impression bout Brazil and brazilians? Hope next time you come to my city (Salvador). Now Im in my city, studying for the medicine university exam (exams to enter). Studying hard... living my life as I used to live .lol And girl, WHAT A NIGHT WE LIVED! Oh, and the TV showed us in The Scientist! At the last sing-a-long ("Im going back to the start"), the TV film us, so we can prove we were there lol You can see it in on youtube! Miss u. Kisses

  10. Hey!=))) I'm so glad to hear from you! I was afraid I did lost a contact :/ I'm very well, but I'm coming back to Russia tomorrow night. Studies are over, I've travelled a lot and now coming home. Thank you for that time we shared!!! It was amazing! I'm sure I'll return to Brazil soon, so maybe we could meet somewhere somehow. And if you go to Europe, you're very welcomed to Russia. BTW, how are you there? What are you doing? Beijos, Vera

  11. Hey Verrussia! How are u? almost 2 months later and I still remember a lot of that wonderful night we lived at October 1st. The greatest day of my life and I want to lose contact with the person who was 99% of that day with me lol when u leave Brazil ? Hope you are fine! I sent some messages to you (cellphone) but I dont know if you received. Miss u xox Daniel. and dont forget me.

  12. Hey!!! How are you?

  13. Hey Vera, I'm going to Rio now. I think u have my cellphone number, right? I got yours. U can send me a message or leave some on msn, ok? Hope meet you there! :D xoxox

  14. Hey, Dan! Give me cell-phone number, please!

  15. Yeap, I added you too=) Do you live in Rio?

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