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  1. Lets do this. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. UTC/GMT +8
  2. Exactly, the tickets on Viagogo are unimaginably high, it's crazy. Apparently tickets are sold out now, I've missed out again :'(
  3. I think if you're getting the seated tickets, it will be numbered accordingly so you don't have to worry about queuing :)
  4. Pretty sure there won't be mosh pits in a Coldplay concerts :) Haha, I am planning on queuing up by 12 pm for the concert. Pretty sure I wont be front row, but I have regretted not getting tickets that are closest to the stage. Bummed that it's only going to start at 8 pm. This calls for take-away from McDonalds....
  5. Thanks! Fingers crossed, hope I'll score tixs. Who else is planning to go for the Singapore show??
  6. FINALLYYY! I'm from Malaysia but who cares! Will be flying to SG for this. Presale information anyone?
  7. Patiently waiting for the asia dates! LIKE FINALLY!. P.S. There's a singapore based website that reported about the rumour too, here.
  8. I might make a trip to Sydney for this show, if they don't announce dates around South East Asia... Anyone else planning to go for this show? :D
  9. Patiently waiting for a SEA tour announcement...
  10. Eagerly waiting for an Asia tour announcement like :rolleyes3::rolleyes2::rolleyes5:
  11. This is spot on! If the whole album was similar to AHFOD, I'd say this album would be a solid Grammy contender. But there's just too many different experimentations that don't gel together. Nevertheless, a good album :D P.S. I hope they'll come up with a Prospekt March like EP that has all the other tracks that didn't make it.
  12. This is a pretty nice interlude, but I was honestly expecting more "colours". Seems to me like Life in Technicolor has more "colours" than this track. Just my two cents.
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