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  1. i like all kinds of music, many different genres, so any song coldplay makes, no matter how different it is, i will love it. this song is awesome, i cant wait to hear it live.
  2. I think when they say short it doesn't always mean in terms of # of tracks, but the total time of the album
  3. I'm hoping tomorrow they release some type of information
  4. Captain America I give an 8/10. Seems like they rushed through it a bit, but still a solid film.
  5. I'm not sure, it was from a comment i read on the video, I just took his word for it, not sure where he got it from.
  6. LP5 = Mutagenic Xylobrytes (video in link) http://jehrenfried.tumblr.com/post/8022475681/lp5-mutagenic-xylobrytes
  7. Hello. My name is Justin. I signed up for Coldplaying.com almost a year ago, I think. I don't go on here that much, but recently I have been going on here a lot. Obviously because of all this teasing by Coldplay with their cryptic tweets and what not. But, anyway getting back to myself. I live in America, a suburb right outside of Philly to be specific. I am a twin and I really enjoy listening to Coldplay :). I am a huge Philly sports fans, especially the Eagles. I have a weird taste of music. I really like hip-hop. Artists like Kanye West, Wale, B.o.B, and Kid Cudi are my favorite rappers, bu
  8. I love this pointless thread about America, not saying I'm not proud to be American, but what else is their to say besides: "Fuckin America!"
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