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  1. Honestly I don't have a ton of problems with the actual instrumentals and sound of the album for the most part but some of Chris's lyrics are really lacking in this one :/ I hope this isn't their last album either, it'd be a shame to end on this one
  2. Wasn't sure where else to put this, but i'm really digging death cab for cutie's new album
  3. Hey guys, haven't posted in a while but I figured I'd ask what everyone's favorite band was (that isn't Coldplay) just to see what everyone says :) So, favorite band.... go! To start mine is Twenty One Pilots!
  4. When i was a kid I listened to whatever my parents listened to (mostly the Beatles and stuff like that as they're my dad's favorite band) and just grew up listening to them and some Bob Dylan as well. Then one day I remember riding my bike around my neighborhood and listening to the songs my dad had randomly uploaded on my ipod nano 3G and clocks came on and instantly I loved it. That day I went home and listened to a bunch of their songs and Coldplay very quickly became my favorite band (this all happened right around/just before the viva era). From that point on nearly everything I listened
  5. I'm thinking they might be released in 6 months on a possible EP that Chris hinted at in the Zane Lowe interview
  6. Hey guys, so recently i watched the sky arts interview about the TV special that just aired and I noticed that they showed a track list that included songs we haven't heard. They showed a behind the scenes video from back in 2013 and Chris had written out the track list at the time for ghost stories and it included "atlas" as well as two songs we don't know about called "the race" and "world without you" (which looks like it used to be called "tomorrow") Just found this interesting, and also wondered if we will ever hear them!
  7. VIVA - (9.5/10) absolutely brilliant album. not one song that i dislike AROBTTH - (9.5/10) once again an amazing album, awesome songs and classic coldplay GS- (9/10) solid album with one song (ASFoS) that i don' particularly like, but especially with "All Your Friends" and "Ghost Story" this is a very good album in which they go back to their roots a little bit while expanding their sound even further. Also a nice surprise after MX, and a great cohesive album that tells a story. Parachutes - (9/10) another classic coldplay album, I like all the songs and it's a great first album, the
  8. Can someone please let me know where everyone is listening to the songs? I've looked and i can't seem to find it
  9. Not asking for a PM, but where is everyone listening to the songs at?
  10. I'd say all of it is about gwyneth except maybe midnight
  11. Anyone else notice the lyrics "secret nobody knows... no one ever hears" in the album art? I'm gonna guess they're from "ghost story"
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