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  1. Albums: 1. AM- Arctic Monkeys 2. Phoenix- Bankrupt 3. Palma Violets - 180 4.The Civil Wars- The Civil Wars 5. Justin Timberlake- 20/20 Experience
  2. They both want to live in Chernobyl, so it does get confusing.
  3. I think a better poll question would be, "How long until every thread in the Lounge is about Brent?" One day? Two days? Will Coldplay name their next LP after him???? These are valid questions.
  4. Joel speaks from experience.
  5. Baaaaaaaaawhahahahahahahahahahaha! One of his stalkers!
  6. I guess the way I see it, I don't want to sit around and wait for a different organization to come along. It's been going on too long at this point, and Invisible Children seems to be taking the lead in this. I don't doubt they spend a lot of money on travel and marketing. I know they aren't perfect, no company or charity is. They did however, put enough pressure on the US government to send soldiers to protect some of these areas. That's a first, and I see it as some sort of accomplishment. I think you can support this cause without giving money (if that worries you). There are t
  7. Please watch this video and share with your friends. This video is posted in the News section. I apologize, because I didn't see it there before I started this thread. Can someone please delete? Thanks!
  8. Am I the only one who thinks Robyn is an odd choice? Maybe it's just because I don't really like dance music?
  9. Brent, I told you not to talk about me in public. I'm hiding under your bed right now. No, seriously I am.
  10. I like what they were going for with the color scheme, but in the middle of the video, I had a moment where I said to myself, "Coldplay is performing at a rave....a RAVE?". I had a flashback to Chris walking alone on the beach singing Yellow, and I kinda missed it. :(
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