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  1. Hi guys ! Have you noticed the audio files have been corrected on Spotify ? Now at least the tracks follow each other smoothly... I have to admit I prefer the album this way (no kidding ?). I actually rediscovered it tonight without those "bugs". The instrumental emoji songs make more sense, the album fits better as a whole... I may grow into liking this one ! And I think the live concerts will make me love it at the end ! Don't trash too much this band we all love, maybe you'll prefer the previous album, maybe you'll prefer the next one. At the end, as wanted by these guys, we'
  2. Have you guys read the Atlantic Records interview ? It’s says the following : »Everyday Life” is being billed as a double album divided into two halves, Sunrise and Sunset, and clocks in at 53 minutes. does that mean that the whole two albums till be 53 minutes long total ?! For 16 songs ??
  3. Nobody should listen to it. PLEASE SEND ME A LINK <3
  4. Definitely the single after the countdown ! So that it’s included in Friday’s releases. Would make sense. All info will probably be given then...
  5. Nice idea ! Montreux, Switzerland. I'd go with 'A Message' :)
  6. Could anyone PM me a link too ? Can't find these songs right now :( THANK YOUUU
  7. I'd love to have a leak buddy, too. Does anybody want to be my leaky friend ? :)
  8. So touching. Very intense song... Whoever watched this interview will never hear 'O' the way the others will...
  9. Discovering BBC radio 1 from Switzerland... Quite a good radio !!
  10. According to Indonesian's iTunes Store, the song is not available for download. Nevertheless, it's not listed as the other unreleased songs, as it appears in song selection and has a "popularity" value... Everything indicates that people that have pre-ordered the album can download it.... Or at least it seems ready for being released !! Maybe they've uploaded infos and just have one click left before releasing it ?
  11. I prefer when they go a little experimenting, as in Magic or even Ocean. This one is way poppier, will be perfect for radio broadcasting this summer, but isn't at first guess a masterpiece... Wait & See the album version :-)
  12. I agree with all of you, it's a shame... Nevertheless, i'm dying to hear that song ! Link on PM please??? x) Love this new album btw
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