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  1. hello, have you gotten the mp3 file of flags yet? If you do could you share it with me?

  2. :confused::worried::eek: wow really? Only Church? Trouble in town, Old friends, Eko, Champion of the world, bad? You dont get Parachutes/AROBTTH/Viva/PM vibes from these tracks?
  3. The itunes clean version.. I've got the youtube version now :D
  4. Yes it is.. and I bought Trouble in town thinking I would get the song without the sample. But I prefer it with the full sample, because this just sounds really weird.. :confused:
  5. Hi! This is probably the 1000th time someone asks you for this... Could you maybe send me the flac file from Flags? :grinning: Thank you very very much!

    1. M Marks The Spot

      M Marks The Spot

      Hello. Of course I could! I'll DM you.

  6. Very lovely song!! Thanks Yasuko! Very lovely song!! Thanks Yasuko!
  7. Pfff struggling witht the VPN. Can anyone maybe audiorip the audio from youtube?
  8. Agree! Absolutely beautiful and perfect. One of their most beautiful songs they ever made in my opinion.
  9. I also think it's a bit too much. But after many listens I understand it now more.. the way it builds up to the guitar ending part. Do you think the sample is completely removed, in the non-explicit version? I would think so, because how else are they going to fix that.. muting every 'fuck' will sounds very ___ ___ ___ And listening to the music in the background, it will still sound very strong without it I think. But it absolutely is a brilliant track with or without the sample :heart:
  10. No other band/artist confuses me like Coldplay does. Since AHFOD I had given up.. since MX there were the great bonus/ep tracks like moving to mars, ghost story, aliens.. but from AHFOD I really thought: from now on, the only Coldplay thing to look forward to are the 1 or 2 non-album tracks.. and if I'm very lucky maybe 1 album track.. I really didnt think they would ever put songs like Trouble in town, eko, guns etc. on an actual album. Maybe they sort of realise they need to keep their older fans happy too.
  11. Ok, I totally did not expect this, I thought it wouldn't be possible to connect with a Coldplay album after the last couple of albums, especially the last one. I didn't even buy a physical copy of AHFOD, just a few songs on itunes. Everyday Life -> preordered! The intro is so breathtaking. Is it me, or am I not seeing that much love for Church? I like it very much. Even though the production is much more smooth. The music and the hopeful vibe reminds me a lot of the song Save Me from Gotye, which is a big favourite. I think the production works well, not overdone and I dislike a lot of
  12. Arabesque made me return to this forum, since a long time. Their last album didn't do much for me... So Arabesque... what a surprise! Everytime I listen to it, it's all goosebumps and shivers. It's surreal to me that this is on a new Coldplay album. What an unbelievable genius piece of music!! So much dept, feeling, power. I think everything is perfect in the song: the long brass part, Stromae, Chris swearing at the end, it's raw, it's honest, it's real. And the music at the end.. OMG! Euphoria! I like Orphans too. It's a solid song, great melody and not overly polished or poppy. I feel Vi
  13. OMG! Would love to have Aliens in that quality! And Hypnotised and All I can think. :D :D
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