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  1. What can I say, that was a heck of a show :) Up&Up was a special one!
  2. Ghost Stories... ghosts tend to be known for their levitating abilities?
  3. That bass part during the solo.... thumbs up to that too!
  4. Looking at the iTunes album stream, we're missing about 2 minutes? Interesting... I can't remember if I cried, but I do remember thinking how beautiful the piano was during Chris' interview on Zane Lowe :)
  5. Not entirely sure... it was either Clocks, or Speed of Sound.
  6. Probably... but I think he actually sounds better in some songs (not straining his voice as much).
  7. If your stream is delayed, no need to rush, listen to the whole set because it's been worth it!
  8. Dunno why my stream started off delayed, but I'm only listening to Paradise right now XD Chris' voice still sounds relatively fresh.
  9. I really enjoy the melody of the song, but wish the lyrics had some more depth....... but otherwise, I'll enjoy it for what it is (Coldplay infused EDM). And it may be even more appreciated once we have the whole album to listen to. oh and live, it'll be an upbeat, very danceable addition to the setlist. based on the performance on Jools I can't wait to hear it live myself!
  10. Got to find yourself alone in this world.... YUP it's a collab with AVICIII
  11. I just realized, Coldplay's album openers are usually their concert openers too :O (yep i think i'm late to the party)
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