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  1. Round 1: Don't Panic vs Always In My Head Round 2: Magic vs Trouble Round 3: Ink vs Shiver Round 4: True Love vs High Speed Round 5: Midnight vs Sparks Round 6: Another's Arms vs Spies Round 7: Oceans vs We Never Change Round 8: A Sky Full Of Stars vs Yellow Round 9: O (Fly on) vs Everything's Not Lost Parachutes: 6 GS: 2 Draw (?): 1
  2. If the world had listened to the album including these 3 tracks in the first place I strongly suspect the overall reaction would be at least slightly better.
  3. Only one question remains after we all have heard the album... when is Car Kids being released?
  4. now for the reckless humor... did the beggining of true love reminded someone else of... [video=youtube;fWNaR-rxAic] ? :laugh3:
  5. I suspect the experience is half ruined with the early release of big part of the songs. Maybe if we hadn't heard most of the album, its quality would be embossed. The problem is we listen too soon and get used to the songs that are supposed to be the best ones, the singles... not sure though, but maybe, just maybe, the CD should be completely unheard until the release.
  6. wow, now that's a surprise for me! :laugh3:
  7. Surprisingly, the only one that gives me the thrills is ASFOS. The album should gradually grow on me, but for now it is top 4 at best.
  8. I'm beginning to miss the "Paradise" vibe. Okay, not really, but come on, this isn't close to what I expect from Coldplay... very disappointed.
  9. Teco


    So agreed. I love it much.
  10. teo... i guess you received it already?? could you please post the picture for us? i actually designed this and i haven't seen the design printed in a shirt yet, so i would appreciate a picture very much :D
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