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  1. There really isn't one but if you had to choose between 3 it would have to be.... 1. Amsterdam 2. Til Kingdom Come (even though they've started playing it lately) 3. Swallowed in the Sea
  2. Everybody thinks this song is going to to be released but it was only written for the Latin American shows! They specifically said that during the concerts and even #42 said he disliked the song an hoped it wouldn't be released. I wish Wedding Bells had a fighting chance or Sex & Violence.
  3. How can you rate it when you haven't heard a decent quality version of the song? You people make me sick.
  4. You "fans of Coldplay" will hate on every little thing they do. Can you just sit back and enjoy their new stuff. It's not as bad as you try and make it out to be. It seems that all you do is sit around and try to screw over Coldplay, their music, their direction, and their choices.
  5. I pre-ordered mine when I woke up yesterday at 6:30 AM. It was a total of $95 to ship to the US. It was worth every penny, I think. I believe it will be a good album! Don't listen to what the others say cause they're pissed it won't be the Coldplay album they wanted! I will form my own opinion the day it comes out. At least I get the MP3 the day it comes out.
  6. I think it should have made it since all the songs on the album are referenced on the cover and you can clearly see Car Kids on the right. I was really shocked cause I was 100% sure it was gonna be on. Same with Sex and Violence, I hoped it would make it.
  7. I was really surprised Car Kids didn't make it. Maybe the songs that were listed in the databases but didn't make the cut will be released on a later EP. I can only hope.
  8. Even though if you look at Coldplay's previous albums and their titles, it doesn't sound right I get it. Parachutes, A Rush of Blood to the Head, X&Y, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends....Mylo Xyloto. I et where you're coming from but it makes you think about what it means which I always like. Anything that is baffling and makes you think is a plus.
  9. HLH and CB sound so good at Rock Am Ring. That's where they sound best. Us Against The World at Glasto was amazing, especially the fuck-up in the middle. Major Minus at Glasto too.
  10. Gotta be Car Kids, Up in Flames, Princess of China, and Sex and Violence.
  11. Judging by what we've heard from Mylo Xyloto, "Charlie Brown", "Hurts Like Heaven", etc. Do you think Coldplay will win any Grammys in 2012? I certainly think they'll get nominated! What categories are you thinking?
  12. You know it's a studio version because it sounds clean. It's not like a live version where everythings crammed together. The piano throws me off though, it sounds like the beginning of LIFL when it's played live.
  13. Terrific song! Since Phil tweeted it's gonna be released, I'm excited. I also wanna hear Up in Flames but this ones a keeper for sure. It's great that Rolling Stone gave it a decent review with 3/5 besides the fact that every version out there sucks.
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