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  1. It was me that changed the Genius lyrics, I thought Ouija made sense in the context of the rest of the lyrics, "the talk amongst the skeletons this morning" etc about looking back at your life after you've died. Still no idea what the first part of the sentence is though!
  2. I Wonder why, since in Everyday life he sung live and high as in Church..... Because Church was the very first vocal song - by Everyday Life his voice had warmed up.
  3. rachpid

    Unnamed LP9 Thread

    Also Cry, Cry, Cry is influenced by Earth Angel from the film.
  4. They’re filming the Graham Norton show on 12th December so back in the UK for the end of that week at least.
  5. Perhaps a series of smaller venue gigs but at more places than normal, limited to fans within a certain radius to prevent people going from travelling a long way taking planes etc to get to the gig? So you can buy tickets if you live within 150 miles of the venue. In the Uk this is simple with checking the postcode of the billing address, not sure about elsewhere though? Surely it uses less emissions etc to move the band around than to have thousands of fans travelling thousands of miles for each gig? And obviously ban single use plastics at the gigs. And you can definitely get electric coaches now, I've just done work for Metroline who have recently launched electric London buses.
  6. Don't forget the record company guests got their tickets before the gig as someone posted on instagram a couple of hours before with their tickets in their hands. So that's probably a couple of hundred.
  7. Chris said they'd recorded one of Femi's own songs for the extra track.
  8. I had two tickets available to me at one point and then it said the same thing.
  9. The point of the song is that it's unfinished! Chris said it was recorded as a voice memo on his phone. That's why we have unfinished lyrics in the booklet.
  10. At Sentebale we had special winners tickets that we had to collect from the entry point. They had my name on a winners list. It could happen. Seems amazingly crazy to me to book flights and hotels for a gig that you don't even definitely know that you can get tickets for or get into, that's supposedly for fans in a country you don't live in.
  11. Water and raindrops seem to be recurring in the lyrics!
  12. No but I think the ticketing link will only be available to UK based IP addresses as with the registration form, or to UK billing addresses only, otherwise they wouldn't have made such a big deal about UK only fans. Anyway, hopefully we'll know when they send the details out on Friday.
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