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  1. Definitiv nicht, man darf nur frΓΌher rein. Letztes Mal gab es teilweise nicht mal einen abgesperrten FOS Bereich
  2. Yes, I have been sad about that, too. For the first time no message :(. I hope we may get something on New Year?
  3. Last year I sent one package from Germany to Thailand and one to the Netherlands. The one to Thailand took about 8 days, the one to the Netherlands 4 weeks! It would have been faster just to walk to the Netherlands and deliver it in person [emoji6]
  4. I have received a wonderful package from Coeurli! There are 3 wonderful cards (I would not have gotten the Mozzarella one without your hint ;)), an Eiffel-Tower pin, a little flask of body oil that looks very luxurious and chocolate that I absolutely did not eat already...I swear it just...vanished [emoji41] (utterly delicious). My cat approved it all btw ;). Thank you so much, Coeurli!
  5. I am so glad it all arrived in one piece and in time - I have never sent anything to India before! It was really fast! Glad you like it. I am not at home right now but in Moscow, and there is no snow here which is funny as Germany is snowed in :)
  6. Package sent today, I hope it gets to my match in one piece!
  7. I am in. I did not receive anything either the last time but I agree with most of you: I care more about the giving part.
  8. :joy: Wow, really professional!
  9. Thank you Coerli for the review! I am sorry you had such a bad experience with the people taking your spot in the queue, not all Germans are like that! I rellay hated that long run to get in, the worst way into a satium I have so far experienced.
  10. Saw an announcement on Facebook that "at the band's insistence" the roof would be open despite the rains. Sorry, cannot post the image here and not sure if this link works.
  11. Well for German he really tried his best... [emoji6]but the lyrics were difficult. But as most Germans know the song anyway it did not matter if we understood
  12. Got the same but as I already have a ticket it does not apply to me. Weird: the festival is at Barclaycardarena but the email says to go to Volksparkstadion..I emailed them but did not get a resonse.
  13. Yes, that's what I thought also. I got another email today with a link that says something different though - Pre-show at 6pm followed by main act Coldplay: Link
  14. Some information to times etc.: https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/global-citizen-festival-hamburg-anreise-sicherheit/ According to this Coldplay are the first on, which I think is weird. Why have the main act go on first?
  15. Ok, now here is the story of our nightly odyssee..: We were back at the hotel by 4:30 am. At the Arena they had announced that we were supposed to go to the Atrium of the Fair there would be an evacuation centre there. But we first could not find the Atrium so we asked at the reception desk of the Marriot were it was. There we met other Fans who just came from the Atrium and they said there was nothing there just a few people who sent them - for whatever reason - to the Marriott. Of course the Marriott was not a evac centre so we all decided to try at some random hall of the Fair. On the way
  16. What a nightmare! It's 5am and we are finally back at our hotel. Because of a WW2 bomb our hotel area had been evacuated. After misinformation and an odyssee through Frankfurt we found the emergency center and spent some hours there on the floor. Our plans of queueing early for tomorrow (or should I say today?) just flew out the window.[emoji32] The concert was great though...
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