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  1. I just fell in love with this song, it does something to me! :)
  2. Who says they will not play a song after the interview? :confused:
  3. Last night was amazing! Ghost Stories is going to be a perfect album! :D I made this video of Oceans yesterday :) [video=youtube;rDM2R7zhPww]
  4. I will tell my whole story! We arrived at the bakery around 5 pm, a very strange time so I didn't expect anyone to be around. When I walked around the Bakery I saw Phil sitting behind his computer upstairs. So I tried to get his attention by waving my A Rush Of Blood To The Head vinyl. He noticed me and smiled, then he stood up. I rushed to the front door of the Bakery (in the alley) and then Jonny came out. I said: He Jonny! and he replied: Hey guys, how are you doing? I asked him if he had some time for us and he said: Sure! We all shook hands with him, I asked him to sign my vinyl and cd, then we took the photo. I told him it was such a honour to meet him (I think I said that 10 times or so :P ) and that their music means everything to me. Jonny just smiled and said: 'That's so nice!' Then I talked with him about the gigs I went to. He was extremely polite! I also asked him about LP6 and he said that it was going really well! Then he said he had to go and he walked away. It was an amazing experience! After the meeting with Jonny I went for diner at the restaurant next to the Bakery. A few minutes later a taxi stops right in front of the Bakery and Will came out. Because I was sitting inside the restaurant I was too late to go outside and make a talk to him or ask him for a photo. (I didn't even want to because he seemed in a rush and I didn't want to bother him.) In March I will be back in London and I will go to the Bakery again, I hope to meet the other boys!
  5. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to say a word when I would be standing in front of one of the Coldplay members. Actually, we had a whole conversation and everything went quite well :P As soon as Jonny was gone I completely freaked out haha! :lol:
  6. Definitely! And we must be very thankful that they take the time to speak to us, take pictures with us and sign our albums for us. It's amazing how nice he was to us, after I spoke to Jonny I got even more respect for Coldplay. They're extremely nice to their fans.
  7. I met Jonny last thursday at the Bakery! I also saw Phil and Will but they were in a hurry so I didn't manage to get a picture with them. It really amazes me how nice Jonny is, he is so polite and normal! He said that the work on LP6 is going really well! Still can't believe it actually happened, it was so surreal!
  8. eFrK

    Coldplay's Twitter

    I was in the Efteling last thursday. :stunned:
  9. Honestly I don't think the piano has any strings in it...
  10. It's amazing to see how creative some people are. Being creative in combination with Coldplay is the best thing ever! :D I already posted some pictures of my self-made MX guitar but I made this picture a few days ago and thought it was pretty cool :)
  11. eFrK


    "We are working on something" Please let it be LP6! I'm getting really excited already!
  12. This is my favourite topic on Coldplaying by far. I hope my girlfriend won't check my browser history.. Oh and this is my all time favourite:
  13. That's so amazing! Oh and Chris is so amazing! We are all so lucky that our idols are so open and kind to their fans!
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