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  1. Wait Something Just Like This is in the EP? I hope it's a different take of the song, maybe they can salvage it a bit
  2. I dunno man, I haven't heard Paradise video are in controversy for cultural appropriation. The band clearly made elephants experience human cultures like outfits and unicycle. Clearly elephants were oppressed by humans even until now I'm not saying Indians are like elephants (so sorry if this sounds like that).... but I'm just making a point that this is all ridiculous
  3. I think the general problem of this controversy is that the people are overthinking about this. It's like they cannot enjoy the video without thinking about the world's problems, and putting blame against the video for reminding them about it. When I watch the video I was only thinking like 'Oh, this takes place in India. Chris, Chris, Beyonce, the band, ooh, nice taxi, damn the shots are great'. I wasn't thinking about 'oh, India is a poor country', or 'does Beyonce even have the right to wear those dresses?'. It might be just me though. And also, every source seems to mostly quote Twitter, not from for example Indian officials or representatives, cause you know things get ugly when even the higher-ups are upset over it. So it quite reeks of cherry-picking for generating buzz.
  4. I would've said "that doesn't make any sense", but in this day and age, I won't be surprised if that's what people actually think. Or it's just the usual term misusing like saying "oh we have western people filming in India. Different culture -> Cultural appropriation!"
  5. So what? It's not like people watching the video will say 'hurrdurr India is bad' or something like that. People these days really are too sensitive. Edit: and I googled what 'cultural appropriation' means: A deeper understanding of cultural appropriation also refers to a particular power dynamic in which members of a dominant culture take elements from a culture of people who have been systematically oppressed by that dominant group.
  6. I think those big name singles are going to be in almost every setlist anyway, along with the songs from the new album. The question is what songs to fill the rest of the setlist. We got some 'filler' songs like 'Til Kingdom Come and Life is For Living last tour, so maybe the requests are for filling those setlist 'fillers'
  7. I feel like some songs are kinda too short (if not, feel too short, like when you listen to them you're like 'wait, it's over already'?), like AHFOD or HFTW, or Army of One, they sound kinda abrupt. Maybe they could've padded it a bit, maybe with some more interesting bridges? And I think this album kinda lacks a 'signature song', a song that feels climactic and a big hitter (like Yellow, Clocks, Fix You, VLV, Para/CB, and ASFOS). HFTW is the closest, but I think it's not 'big' enough, kinda like POC. Maybe they should've put in a song that feels like it 'defines' this era. A song big enough that I can imagine people starts to sing along from the beginning.
  8. Fellow Indonesian here! Yes we're literally craving for the boys to come to Indonesia! Please notice us Coldplay!
  9. Does anyone feel the Don Quixote/Spanish Rain feel in this track? The verse before the chorus sounds very similar to that song...
  10. Yeah calling some songs garbage or horrible is a bit insensitive I guess. It's much better to say 'not my cup of tea' or 'that's not the Coldplay song I want'. At least people who read your opinion won't feel offended or feel guilty of liking the so-called 'garbage' of a song. I dunno, maybe I'm too sensitive? :/
  11. Yeah like people said, this video is basically harmless. Disappointment yes, but disappointment to me is really just a concept that come out in the beginning, and in the end you're just embracing the thing you're disappointed at anyway, like say, a new album. I will only say an MV is crap if it's uncomfortable to watch or blatantly offensive (like, say, ehem, Blurred Lines MV)
  12. Hype-based rating (and supposed 'bad' production aside): 1. Birds 2. AOAL 3. AHFOD 4. Up&Up 5. Everglow 6. HFTW 7. Fun 8. Army of One 9. Amazing Day 10. X No rate: The transition songs (nice transitions) Tbh I love almost all the tracks (Well, almost, X..). Sure it's overproduced, but a nice production nonetheless. Kaleidoscope reminds me of indie Hatsune Miku songs that have weird choices of choosing sounds. This era might the one era where the studio and live versions are distinctly different, so I can't wait to hear the live versions! EDIT: X has really, really grown on me, but it's still on the bottom though, it just means that I love all of them.
  13. I see another broken base here ._. Well, not a Coldplay song if there's no broken base :P To me, it's a pretty decent track, reminds me a bit of Up in Flames, but with more fleshed-out melodies and fuller experience. It's really soothing, and a perfect time to come out here in Indonesia, where now's past midnight and time to go to bed. It's really relaxing to hear this song :3
  14. I was expecting to hear HFTW but YES EVERGLOW PLEASE!
  15. So how's the Beats1 stream progressing right now? Still no sign of the new song?
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