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  1. I just got my alien radio email. It sounds like it started over the weekend? Maybe new stations added with each email group. Sorry new to this party!
  2. Interesting observations you pieced together. Could be... we’ll see!
  3. Stole a key, took a CAR downtown where the lost boys meet...
  4. Huh? Let’s all revive this thread! I guess L if this puzzle is still going.
  5. Those cookies and chocolate look yummy and are making me hungry!!!!
  6. So glad you liked it and it fit! Your pics are great! I attempted to spell Coldplay in the middle rows with beads. If you look at the pictures, here are where each letter is most clearly seen: 2nd bracelet pic: The C is the crescent shaped dark bronze bead two beads past the moon charm. The O is the red/orange circle bead. Top bracelet pic: The L is in bronze and copper tube beads with a circle bead between. The D and P beads are tricky mirror images of one another. The D is in the clear circle and bronze tube. The P is the light gold and dark bronze tube bead with the blue circle, B
  7. That’s the true spirit of Christmas and what we do here with our Secret Santa exchange! Happy for you!
  8. Gabriela, I forgot to ask whether you made that card with my name personalized in it?? It was beautiful.
  9. Gabriela, I was SO excited to get your card all the way from Brazil!!! Mailing costs alone were outrageous from there to Chicago, so thank you for that! I’ve never received anything from so far, and your affirmation star and card made me feel extra special!! You are incredibly creative with that star and the way you spelled CHRIStmas on the card with his photo! That’s a good one! After several years of Coldplay Secret Santa, this is the first time I’ve seen that!! I’ll send you a PM and email soon! Jillie Blue, I have thought about writing you all year. I will!!! Your email and gift last
  10. I hope everyone is feeling better and a little bit uplifted by the new album. Holidays are hard. If you need to talk to someone, we are here for you. Don’t forget there are plenty of hotlines open if you are just lonely or in crisis. Stay safe. Be well.
  11. Good luck to everyone who tried to get tickets!!
  12. Any news on when the shows are? I’d love to go but can’t hardly walk much these days, so physically not in the cards.
  13. Wow, what a beautiful post! So, so true!! Love the “sugar planet” line,
  14. Thank you! Where did you get this?? It is one of my favorites on the album!! Love the folksy, fiddle-sounding guitar (or bass). Wills backing vocals are beautiful!
  15. Thank you! Where did you get this?? It is one of my favorites on the album!! Love the folksy, fiddle-sounding guitar (or bass). Wills backing vocals are beautiful!
  16. Thank you Hedwig! Really adds understanding to their intent and the music’s origins.
  17. Alexis 16, It’s clear you thought a lot about what you wanted to say. I love the last two paragraphs the most! Lean into the feelings will stay with me. It was a very hard day; my sister lost her beloved dachshund and my mom’s two year anniversary in Heaven was today. Thank you!
  18. CP3176, You spoke of the courage it takes to share... and you just lived that example better than I ever could. I’m so glad it brought you some self-realizations, too. For what you’ve taught all of us about OCD, you deserve something good in return!! by the way... I also have a mini Chester who I now recognize in your example. Since it’s nighttime now, I see him in my same tendency to avoid letter my hands go over the side of the bed, lest the monster under it pulls me under with him. Not to try to play Psychologist here, but I wonder if that’s a metaphor...fear of being pulled under the
  19. Here is a link from a cartoon someone posted in some of the mental health threads. I think we here can relate! I will also get links to their music playlists. Every now and then they survey their users to compile lists that uplift, calm, distract from pain or help cope. https://themighty.com/content/5dd0604e0c9bc200c9330751/.
  20. @I ran away, You are, and always will be, a dear friend to me. What you are doing to spread the message about mental health is truly admirable. As you know, but I will share here for the first time, I too suffer from anxiety and clinical depression, the latter of which usually arises only in certain situations, but is no less debilitating during the timeframes it strikes, My friends here, know that my mom’s death two years ago 11/20 and my best friend’s death three years ago Thanksgiving are two of those situations that were hard to come back from. So this album coming out this time of
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