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  1. Your avatar is awesome. :D

  2. Thanks for accepting my friend request! :)

  3. I was really scared that I would end up hating this album but I just got done listening to it for the first time and I LOVE IT! It has old coldplay. new coldplay. and the coldplay everyone loves. It's kind of bittersweet though, years of waiting, excitment, staying up until 3 in the morning to hear the premeire of the songs. And bam it's all over. I'm proud of the boys, it was a job well done <3 and now I can look forward to hopefully a U.S tour. And it a few more years, the thrill of a new Coldplay album will begin again. I love Coldplay and the Coldplay Community. And I'm so excited for my copy of MX to come in the mail <3
  4. X&Y Viva MX AROBTTH Parachutes
  5. anyone want to PM me a link? I can't wait any longer :/ It would be much appreciated <3
  6. Hey Marlee! How are you? I haven't been on in so long, i'm a horrible person :(

  7. I was at school, eating lunch, I clicked on the link, and I literally screamed out loud <3 My friends were a little disturbed though :embarrassed:
  8. I love it, it isn't may favorite Coldplay song but I still love it haha. Ya it takes a couple of times of listening to it before it will grow on you :D
  9. I didn't mean to listen that!!! D: But it is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. I'm crying <3
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